Saturday, January 10, 2009


hi =) good morning! I'm in such a goooooooooooooooooood mood!! I was telling my family about Christmas how i hit a plateau on my weight loss, it was going very slow... well I nixed some things cut a couple more things out of my diet, increased exercise and added some toning..... since the 29th the last time I weighed, I'm down 10 more lbs =) thursday I did 2 hrs of aerobics through the day, not all at once and toned for 15 min. I was sooooooo sore so I went mall walking last night. I sure wish it would warm up so I can walk at home. Im up to being able to walk 4 miles without being tired. I'm doing sooooooo good =)
A few days ago I had a really hard time being depressed, I mean as low as it gets. I was tired with worrying about being homeless, I was worried about finances. Just worrying about everything combined with my SAD i get really bad in January, I was a mess. I just gave it all over to God and I tell you what it was like a load was lifted. Yesterday I had a wonderful day. Karen and I went to breakfast and talked for awhile. Then we went back to her house and I helped her straighten up and we listened to music and talked. I had a really, really good time. I almost dozed off driving home, I think I may have.. oof came home slept, woke up, ate a light dinner, went mall walking....... Then came home and spent some puter time with Elmer playing WoW and scrabble. Was just a really nice day. =) Tomorrow Im goin to my moms in the morning and we are going to look at a couple houses and then Im goin to church with Jay and Linney and then a comin home.
Last weekend I took Savannah on a date to see bedtime stories and out to eat... It was really cute!
Tonight instead of dancing Karen and I decided to go see Marley and Me =) Im gonna cry Im sure but that's okay!
Hope everyone is having a happy Saturday.
Life truly is wonderful
and the sun is shining


L. Eubanks said...

That sounds more fun to me.. movies with the girls! See you tommorrow at 4:30 or sooner.

Kathy said...

planning a girls night out next weekend. would love you to join us. send me your number again so i can call ya. hope to see ya