Friday, January 23, 2009


It's Friday. I'm tired, angry and tired. I'm so angry at Kyle..Lots of reasons. This morning the anger flared up again. For years I would say Kyle clean out the fish pond, Kyle clean out the fish pond. Over and over and over like a broken record. They have to be taken care of just like any other animal..... Well, sometimes he would do it after I nagged for awhile. This year I nagged all summer, then all fall..... Asked him again and again before he moved..... Nada. So we had the big freeze. The pond shouldve have the filter running to keep oxygen to the fish. The fish pond hasn't ever been cleaned since Kris and Dave sold us the house. Poop and Leaves are on the bottom, which creates gas in the water...... Long story short, it froze, they lacked oxygen, it got warm and thawed and I have a bunch of dead and dying fish. Why people can't be responsible is beyond me. I can't clean it, I don't know how. It has to be drained, scrubbed, refilled. The filter under the water has to be dug out and cleaned.... Stuff I can't do because lack of know how....... Some of the fish are laying side ways can't breathe. I'm just sad and I'm so mad at him for always being so irresponsible. Not just with the fish, with everything. Asking over and over and over and over til I'm blue in the face for stuff to be done and NADA.... The chair and the desk on the back porch i have been asking for mos to get rid of... The basement i asked for 7 mos to get cleaned up..... Grrrrrrr just plum pisses me off.
=( and my fish. I'm just sad and angry. I feel like taking the dead ones putting them in a bucket and putting them on his porch and leaving a note saying " Will you please clean out the fish pond?" It would only be the 5000th time I have said it since we lived here. I think they all will die so I guess it no longer has to be dealt with.
Sigh sigh sigh.
My poor fish.
On a lighter note, I'm feeling much better. My house is spotless, I haven't been exercising every day like i did. Every other day. I'm just tired. Exhausted. Stressed. I need to get back on the wagon. I haven't been splurging on food. Esp yesterday oof.
Kids are good. Im enjoying living alone. Everything seems less stressed and peaceful.
Happy Friday
The sun is shining only its melting my poor fishes into death... Don't go into the light fishies, just keep swimming, just keep swimming....

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for_the_lonely said...

This makes me sad.... :(

I hope that you get to feeling better soon!