Friday, January 16, 2009

Ohhhhhhhh Boy!

Okay, so my daughter has 2 friends over from school... I must go a lil further back.... One day the girls asked me if I could take them all to where their mommy works to eat.... I say what does she do? They say she serves food and other stuff... Okay great sure I'll take you out to eat..... where does she work ?? The twins reply in unison "the foxy lady" Which basically is an adult club, a booby bar if you will........ OKay, i tell them maybe some other time.... So today I hear them upstairs playing, they are choosing names... Brittany, Christina and Fi fi...... I hear them talk about who does food and who does dancing.... I decide to work my way upstairs to find out what they are doing........ They reply we are playing cocktail waitress like our mom.... So Savannah and her friends are dressed like strippers...What ever happened to playing dolls?? Now, its playing cocktail waitress??? Here is their lil ensemble .....they are only 7.. Sigh sigh sigh


Carie said...

lol well at least they all look cute lol...gotta love little ones :)


o m gosh LOL!they DO look cute..thankgod they are SO little still:) LOL!
they LOVE to play dress up at ALL ages..LOL

for_the_lonely said...


Ok, well.....not to parent other people's children, but couldn't the mom NOT tell her kids what she does for a living and wait until they are a little older? Well, maybe she doesn't go into great detail about it, but instead just says that she dances and serves food...LOL ;)

The pic is priceless, though....sure enough to bring laughs for a long time to come !:)