Tuesday, June 26, 2007


It's Tuesday. In case you didn't know, In case you didn't grab that from the title. It's Tuesday!!
I have a headache from my cold. Owoooooooooooooooooooooooo
Nothing at all happened today. Was bored. Stormed alot.
Going to take kids swimming tomorrow if it doesn't storm. It's feast or famine here with the rain. Either you have alot or you have none. We needed it, but we got plenty and it can leave anytime it wants.
No good dreams. Just regular. No fun dump trips or anything last night.
Happy Tuesday.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Hey there, Hi there, How do you do?

I had a really exciting dream last night. LOL I was really, really excited. Wanna know what happened?????

My dad took Kyle and I to the big Dump on outer Loop and I was soooooo excited, because we were finally getting to see what was over the top of the hill. We were all lined up and I could barely contain myself looking out to see any hint of poopy diapers and what nots.

Then Kyle woke me up. Anyone else ever wonder what's over that hill? What all the trash looks like all piled up?? I was about to see it, til he woke me up. Dang Nabbit.

I have a summer cold or severe allergies. Either or. Either way I don't feel well today.
Sneezing and Sneezing. Coughing. Itching eyes, sore throat.

It might be from being in that garbage dump last night LOL

Okay, trying to be a good girl and update more frequently.

Happy Monday!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Howdy On Saturday!

Hi everyone!!!!!!!
Hope everyone is well!!
Our air conditioning was fixed on Monday YEE HAW!!!!
Back to cave like conditions in our basement!
Kids went to Holiday World on Thursday. They had an excellent time!
Today they boys are out to see a movie with their cousin
Savannah is still recouping from Holiday World. She looks like
she may be getting sick. I dunno.
Lets hope not.
I cleaned the living room all morning and its sooooooo clean it sparkles!!
Last night I did Savannahs room. It will be trashed tomorrow.
Watched Bindi the Jungle girl today. So sad watching her with her dad.
But what a beautiful child with the most amazing spirit ever!!
She should be in the dictionary next to happiness!
Happy Saturday and Happy Sunday!

Monday, June 18, 2007


So update on the air saga. We called yesterday they charge 115 bucks to come out and then 25 for each 15 min on sunday. We decide to tough it out til today. Went out and bought the crappiest window unit ever. When I say Crap, it was like taking 90 dollars and flushing it down the commode. Around 6 oclock we had a show on called Man Vs Elements or something like that. He was in the desert and trying to find ways to survive. Watching that i think made it harder. He then takes off his tshirt, Urinates on it and wraps it around his head. As hot as we are this isn't looking like such a bad idea LOL!
Anywhoo, it gets scorching. Our living room never cooled past 87. We went driving for a bit to cool off. Poor Claire was miserable.
My dad came over for a bit to see if he could tinker with it. Nope, nothing worked. It's broke.
So today at half the price, the Bryan man is coming and He will be welcomed with open arms. If I had a red carpet, I would roll it out and sprinkle it with rose petals for his arriving!
I would have my boys on each side playing a bugle as he waltzes up my walkway and have ushers to take him to the broken unit.
I must be having brain spasms from heat LOL
Okay have a great day. If my air gets fixed, I will be having a marvelous day!
Kyle and I are starting to feel a lil sick from HOT
Rough night for sleeping.
Love to all Happy Monday, send coolness our way!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

With summer comes Bird Boy return

I am so depressed, I have the yard of death. I don't like living here. I can't feed the birds but yet she can have her yard highly decorated with bird feeders.
I have found a couple of dead yellow finches a dead robin and a few other things.
The other day the bird boy was in our yard talking to Juan and just under my tree he showed my son and his friends a rabbits nest IN MY YARD and he took a stick and dug out a bunch of dead baby bunnies. They are notorious for poisioning chipmunks and I have no doubts, since he knew exactly where they were, that he killed all 6 baby bunnies. He dug them out, put them in a coffee can and wanted to keep them. Sicko.

Well for the past couple of days, Claire doesn't want to go outside. We try to get her out, she won't go. When she does she goes to their side of the yard and then runs and hides behind the shed.
I let Savannah swim today and we coaxed her out, the grandma and the boy came out and she mad dashed to the shed to hide.
She has a big welt on her side that looks like a bb couldve pegged her. It's scabbing over and is swollen. So I dont know if he shot her and it's stuck in there. We don't know. Gonna watch it for a couple more days and see. She has a few other cuts and stuff on her. She's an indoor dog and how she would get cuts like that is beyond me.
I could almost cry because not only can I not feed my birds, I can't let me dogs out to enjoy my yard. Buying this house was the biggest mistake we have ever made and now we are stuck.
I feel like a prisoner in my own home.
If I catch them hurting my dog, all hell will break loose.