Thursday, June 07, 2007

With summer comes Bird Boy return

I am so depressed, I have the yard of death. I don't like living here. I can't feed the birds but yet she can have her yard highly decorated with bird feeders.
I have found a couple of dead yellow finches a dead robin and a few other things.
The other day the bird boy was in our yard talking to Juan and just under my tree he showed my son and his friends a rabbits nest IN MY YARD and he took a stick and dug out a bunch of dead baby bunnies. They are notorious for poisioning chipmunks and I have no doubts, since he knew exactly where they were, that he killed all 6 baby bunnies. He dug them out, put them in a coffee can and wanted to keep them. Sicko.

Well for the past couple of days, Claire doesn't want to go outside. We try to get her out, she won't go. When she does she goes to their side of the yard and then runs and hides behind the shed.
I let Savannah swim today and we coaxed her out, the grandma and the boy came out and she mad dashed to the shed to hide.
She has a big welt on her side that looks like a bb couldve pegged her. It's scabbing over and is swollen. So I dont know if he shot her and it's stuck in there. We don't know. Gonna watch it for a couple more days and see. She has a few other cuts and stuff on her. She's an indoor dog and how she would get cuts like that is beyond me.
I could almost cry because not only can I not feed my birds, I can't let me dogs out to enjoy my yard. Buying this house was the biggest mistake we have ever made and now we are stuck.
I feel like a prisoner in my own home.
If I catch them hurting my dog, all hell will break loose.


Dr. Deb said...

I wonder why so many birds die by you? I'd find it depressing too.

Twinkie said...

If you can get proof that he's hurting your dog, he can be prosecuted, right?

Carie said...

OMG!!!! I am so sorry he has progressed to hurting your dogs...what a sick little kid...and I bet his parents aren't any better...I am so sorry you have to live by such a horrid person...if you do get proof of him hurting your dog the police will get involved, lets hope he doesn't do any more damage though