Monday, June 18, 2007


So update on the air saga. We called yesterday they charge 115 bucks to come out and then 25 for each 15 min on sunday. We decide to tough it out til today. Went out and bought the crappiest window unit ever. When I say Crap, it was like taking 90 dollars and flushing it down the commode. Around 6 oclock we had a show on called Man Vs Elements or something like that. He was in the desert and trying to find ways to survive. Watching that i think made it harder. He then takes off his tshirt, Urinates on it and wraps it around his head. As hot as we are this isn't looking like such a bad idea LOL!
Anywhoo, it gets scorching. Our living room never cooled past 87. We went driving for a bit to cool off. Poor Claire was miserable.
My dad came over for a bit to see if he could tinker with it. Nope, nothing worked. It's broke.
So today at half the price, the Bryan man is coming and He will be welcomed with open arms. If I had a red carpet, I would roll it out and sprinkle it with rose petals for his arriving!
I would have my boys on each side playing a bugle as he waltzes up my walkway and have ushers to take him to the broken unit.
I must be having brain spasms from heat LOL
Okay have a great day. If my air gets fixed, I will be having a marvelous day!
Kyle and I are starting to feel a lil sick from HOT
Rough night for sleeping.
Love to all Happy Monday, send coolness our way!


SassyFemme said...

Ugh! Hope it was able to be fixed!

Sorry to read about the tooth issues in the other post. It's long past time for you to catch a break!

for_the_lonely said...

I bet you are loving that AC now! Man, I know what it is like to live without is the pits! I was laughing at this post, because I know the feeling of wanting to lay the red carpet down for the AC mechanic! LOL

I hope that your summer has been going well! Huge hugs to you!

Love ya,

Carie said...

I hope your AC was fixed...every year (except this year) ours would break lol and it was hell to live I hope you are cooled off, your tooth is better and things are looking up for deserve some happiness