Monday, October 31, 2005

Some spooky pics!!

Well, they are back and they lived!! The first 2 pics are pics that Kyle took and I photoshopped them to colored pencil. They are actual pics, nothing changed but i made them look like artwork. The top one, if you look at the top of the tower, there is something purple Or blue there. Looks like a lightbulb. What's weird is there is no electricity to this place at all. No where around it. Its on a top of a hill! I included the real pics of these 2 also and zoomed in on the purple/blue thing so you can see it. Might be a ghost!! Keep in mind, they don't set this stuff up, this stuff is really one of the most haunted places in the world.
On the one below check out all the orbs, there was no moon out there at all it was very cloudy. So the big circle ??
Below are the real pics
The above pic is the body chutes
Pay close attention to the pics below
Okay, heres the story...........On the 3rd floor there is a ghost boy named Timmy/Timothy he's 8 or 9 died from tuberculosis up there. They say he always roamed the halls playing and skipping, so the ghost hunters brought him some balls up to play with. Well, they told kyle and the group to take pics down the hall its very active down there and cameras catch stuff that people miss. Look at the ball, kyle didnt even know he had a picture of that, til he got home and....look it doesn't even look like it's touching the ground.............. WEIRD!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Halloween Followed with an audible AHHHHHHHHHHH

My mom and Kyle are up at Waverly as I type, what's weird is the radio broadcasting LIVE is all staticky and you can barely hear them! My moms cell phone rang and she said it was the same staticky stuff and what's even weirder other than getting a call that early is there was a missed call while she was on the phone from an unknown number too! the first one she said was too............

ACKKKKKKK The radio broadcasters said on their walkthrough they saw Ralph the old grounds keeper!! AHHHHHHHHHH (its a ghost) They said the 3rd and 4th floors are more active than ever. Kyle and mom are like number 74 and 75 so they haven't gone through yet! They said, it's really spooky out there and on the radio they said peoples batteries get zapped and stuff and MY CAMERA ISN'T working right !!!!!!!!!! Please Shadow People Don't mess up the camera it is my life line!!

I can't wait to freaking see the pictures! I hope hope hope it works!!!

ACKKKKKKKKKK Its so scary!! Ill update after they go through!!

Friday, October 28, 2005

A lil spooky for Halloween Weekend


The picture above is really close to my house, this is the old Tuberculosis hospital called Waverly. Well...........a lot of people died there. Its spooky, very, very spooky.

Kyle and My mom at 5 am on Monday morning (Halloween) have gotten tickets to an exclusive walkthrough with the Louisville Ghost Hunters Society and a local radio station. EEK there is no electricity in this place and it is one of the 10 top Haunted spots in the world.

On the radio they were saying something happens every year. Last year George Lindsey was completely knocked down. ACKKKKKKKKKKK No way in hell would I go but they are looking forward to it. Its so dark at 5 am and they get to walk down the body chutes and go to the draining room and see the train tracks where they took the bodies away. Legend has it that room 502 is extremely haunted, A nurse had gotten pregnant by a Dr. and that was very looked down upon in those days, so in room 502 she hung herself. Another day a nurse was doing something in that particular room and was mysteriously shoved off the balcony and plunged to her death. FREAKY. As you can imagine, it closed.
Here are some links if you wanna go read up on it. Kyle is taking my camera and EEKKKKKKKKK i will for surely post any scary pics!!!

Waverly Hills Sanitorium

Waverly Hills

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Tuesday already

I can't believe, that this week is flying already. Yesterday me and Angel went to Target and did a lil shopping and saw the birds LOL :o)
You throw some food on the ground and pigeons swarm you. It's pretty spooky LOL.

I think I am going to go walking today. The hiking felt good when all was said and done and I have no energy, so I think I'll take a nice long walk today.

I really don't have much to write, nothing has been going on. I have been so busy!

So I'll leave you with have a great Tuesday and if anything interesting happens I'll be sure to post :)

Monday, October 24, 2005

Rip Van Dianna

Being in that country air and all that hiking did me in. Yesterday, Savannah woke us up at about 7, I got up, took my medicine and loaded up the pics. Then...Took a nap. I got up, ate lunch, checked my email and then laid back in my bed and took another nap. I woke up, Kyle went to the store and made dinner, we sat down to watch Vegas Vacation, I watched most of it but fell asleep at the end. Then got up checked my mail and then went to bed for the night and slept!!!

I have never in my life done that. The air was so clean out there you could feel it. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Nice :) I miss it.

My poor old puppy dog was so glad to see us, if we even picked up our shoes yesterday he got all shaky boy. He missed us. Thanks again to my wonderful friend Angel for letting Mr. Big dog out!

Okay, I gotta run
I gotta see if I can go back to sleep.
Taking all these siestas is awesome!
Have a very, very Happy Monday!

Friday, October 21, 2005

Happy Friday

Remember the puppy doggie, that was thrown off the back of the truck and Kyle and Auntie Am drove him to a shelter in Lexington KY? Well, some good news, he was adopted out, bad news, their kennel caught fire and they had 8 dogs die. So very, very heartbreaking :(

I'm tired, I couldn't fall asleep last night, thanks to my friend anxiety. Kyle called and said something needed to be approved and I started bawling and I mean bawling. Just when I think we are almost finished one more thing has to be done. We still don't have an exact date yet and I just can't stand the not knowing. It's becoming very hard on me to make important decisions regarding myself and my children, not having a date where I know anything. Anthonys grandma owns a rental company, has a 24 ft truck for me for free, BUT....... I have to reserve it. They will not give us a freaking date. I can't reserve it. If i talk anymore about it I will moving on to next subject....

The Hills are alive, with the sound of musiccccccccccccccc
My daughter has been watching this movie, I have been watching this movie. I Love it. My favorite part is where they are having the party and they are Maria is dancing with the children and Captain von trap comes out and cuts in and they are dancing and their eyes meet. Awwwwwwwwww Love :)))) I love that she loves musicals. Her favorite part of course is the Puppet show :) Okay, I am off for the weekend. We are leaving for ummmmmmmmm ummmmmmmm Bowling green Ky, nashville. somewheres like that. Good Old Angel is taking care of my puppy doggie for me :)))))))
God bless her!
Have a great weekend all, i am going to try to visit blogs before leaving!

Thursday, October 20, 2005


I can't believe this week is ending already! Seems like it just started. Since it hasn't been wonderful, I'll just thank the Lord that it's ending quickly!

The weather is supposed to get cooler from here on out, I am excited, but also know in about a week or two it will be warm again.

I had to get up early again to put Anthony's contacts in. It has been almost 3 weeks, they should know how to put them in by now. Frustrating to say the least. Juan's I can get in on the first try but Anthony's so scared that I am gonna poke him in the eye it takes a good 15 min. At 6 a.m. when i am sleepy, contacts do not = fun.

I am going to clean today, like throwing stuff away clean. I say this, type this, it is affirmative, I MUST Finish today.

House stuff @@ what can ya say. It's almost finished, paperwork after paperwork and paperwork. Sign this paper because you signed that paper. We almost own the house :) just a couple few more days.

Gotta paint, paint, paint. Kyle painted the boys room all day on Saturday, still smells mega fumey!
Okay Gotta go gotta go gotta go right now :)
Have a great Thursday!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Wednesday Afternoon

I so had intentions of getting all this stuff done today. While completing some of it, i totally conked out for a nap. Oh well! Getting up early to put the boys contacts in has worn me out!

Hope everyone is having a great Wednesday!!

Just bippety, boppity, booed in to say Hallo!

Have a great Mid week!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

An apple a day..........

My lil lovey Dovey

I Hate Anxiety

Someone get me a T-shirt.
I have been graciously given 2 tickets to see Rascal Flatts on Thursday
I want to go
But really think I can not go :( I can not be in a space with that many people.
I have never in my life been to a concert, so I don't know what to expect.
I love Rascal Flatts, I love love loveeeeeeeeeeeee Them.
Can I scream? Anyone make me that Tshirt yet? I'll let you know how it goes.

Yesterday, I wrote Savannah was sick, we get to the Dr, she has blisters on her throat, coughing, fever. So they give her antibiotics. She didn't get up the whole day yesterday. I say things like "I wish she would just sit still for a few hours" I get my wish and want the wish to go away, I want her back to the way she always is, Happy, dancing and full of life. She didn't have a fever all night without the Tylenol or Motrin, so I am hoping that the 2 doses of the antibiotic did it's job.

I told Maddies mom, She didn't say a word, went on to the next topic, kinda like "Is she serious, or just kidding" So I really don't know how it went. But I did tell her. I asked her when she would be back and she told me she'd call me last night, which she didn't do. Go figure on that one.

I guess after taking Juan to school, I am going to come home and pack some more. I am running out of stuff to pack, but guess i could pack some of vannies toys. Less stuff she can drag out and make a mess. She doesn't play back there anyway unless Maddie is here and I am sure her mom is going to screw me over again, even though I gave her plenty of notice to find a new sitter. She doesn't hold the same respect for me. Not many do. Oh well. Good luck to her finding someone who can babysit that much, for 15 hours a day then on weekends. Doubtful!

Okay, I gotta run and get my boy up to get ready for school after a 4 day weekend
Brou ha ha!!

Monday, October 17, 2005

Happy Monday!!

Well, the carpet repair guy just left and after 100 bucks and 1 hour my carpet looks brand new!! i can't believe how easy it was to fix!!! I was quite impressed!

Okay, back porch spider has left. Front porch spider is proving useful, he is eating any and all wasps and yellow jackets that come his way. I fear wasps and yellow jackets more than him, so he is quite useful! I hardly see any and if they are looking to make a nest around my porch, they'll get eaten!
So as long as he stays on his turf outside I'm alright!

Kyle got me some crappy boxes from kroger. They are post cereal boxes and they suck. Theres a big hole that doesnt meet the flaps and unless you tape the poop out of them your stuff will fall out. But, I will make due with what I have.

Savannah, who was still suffering the wrath of Maddies germs, was getting better. Today she woke up with a fever of 101 and really not moving, so at 2:10 dr. appt for her. Maddie is back from Disney, I have to tell her mom today about moving. I am scared but, I gotta do what I gotta do!

Moving is about 3 or 4 weeks from now! Exciting and EEKing!

Have a great day all!

My 5th line from 23rd post LOL

I was just curious so went back and did it and heres mine

Okay and Cookie monster not eating cookies any more??? Just have to roll my eyes and shake my head.

Thats in response to cookie monster now eating veggies LOL


Sunday, October 16, 2005

Sunday, Chow, Chow, Chow, Chow, Chow

Oh wait thats supposed to be January, but that's okay too. Been a long boring weekend. Which is great opposed to the long busy weekends. I really haven't done much at all. Nothing. Yesterday kyle painted the boys bedroom, I did laundry and got it all finished and did dishes.
The Carpet guy comes tomorrow to repair the snags.

Maddie is supposed to return tomorrow but no phone call @@ thats all I can say to that.

I gotta get ready to eat dinner and go to my uncle Eddies. I don't wanna do that either. I wanna just cozy up in my bed and sleep.

The temp is going back up to mid 80s summer just won't leave and I am very very tired of it. It has overstayed its welcome.

Have a great week all!

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Shhhhhhhhh Im comin out looking around

I don't care if the Trolley Moth knows what I am up too :) So I am back to writing I suppose. I had a nice break, but missed blogging!
I have had a week long headache again :(
Went to chiro yet again yesterday, hopefully its going away!
You know I haven't a clue what I did this week!
I had dr appts. My iron is back low again and my iron stores are still low.
More iron, it kills my stomach.
Moving is fast approaching.
Okay thats about it. We are off to Nashville soon YAY :)
Me :)

Monday, October 10, 2005

Happy Monday!

Lisa I couldn't respond to your comment so I thought I'd post it here what type my camera is....... heres a link,Sony CD Mavica 500 I love my camera but I am trading it in soon for a Cannon Digital rebel. mine only has 5 and sometimes a lil higher mega pixel but the cannon has 7 oooooooo Ill be scared of me! I love my camera though!

Been soooooo busy. Yesterday I had to go to my aunt sues and clean the whole day. I am so beat. After i left there I had to go my uncle eddys and clean and I think I am officially cleaned out. I am still packing my house and trying to get my kids to eat up all the food so i dont have to move it. Its a pain moving food. So we go to the store for milk and bread and the rest they gotta eat LOL
Poor kids

Okay I gotta run i have a million things to do and not enough hours to do them all so i gotta get to work. Kyle is bringing home paper boxes, my favorite :) They have the lids and they are awesome for packing!

Happy Monday!

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Happy Sunday!

We had a wonderful day yesterday!!! I am posting my top 5 favorite pics from yesterday! Have a great Sunday!!
Anthony walking the path
Juan with the Lorikeet
The mums
My Zoo Crew

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Saturday Annual zoo day!

Every year my family and I go to the zoo at Halloween! It's all decorated up and so lovely! We are getting ready to go and you know I will send pictures. I usually put them in my webshots album, so I'll post 1 or 2 and link you to the rest in webshots! Have a great Saturday all and Happy Birthday Nancy!

Friday, October 07, 2005

I'm such a bad mommy :)

as you guys know we have huge spiders, well juan thought he killed the one in the web on the back of the deck. Thats the one i have taken pics of. His web they knocked down and we haven't seen him in a couple of days. Before the spidey disappeared, my brother had taught the boys how to throw moths into their webs and watch them eat. So they threw front porch spider and back porch spider each a moth or moff as savannah calls them.

Juan has been getting in alot of trouble lately and being a real stink pot, so I was sitting in my bathroom and see my cell phone on the side of the tub. I grab it dial *67 and call my kitchen phone. Juan answers and I say "this is the back porch spider, feed me a moff, Ill be waitin beside the pink playhouse" Then I hung up the phone. I had a real scary ingrid colt sounding voice LOL I hear his footsteps go back to the back door and hear the blinds move as hes looking out back.

LOLLLLLLLLso i had to stay in the bathroom 20 min so i could come out not laughing. I come out and he said "was that you" and I played it off really well and he kept saying "that had to be you, that had to be you" so i tell him to take out the trash and the pink playhouse is directly outside the door LMAOOOOoo and so he gathers the trash and moves the spider barricade (we keep towels under the cracks so no spiders get in, but they are always hiding under the towel) When he moves the spider barricade, sees there is none and steps out by the pink play house, I let out a blood curdling scream that could be heard for blocks and he about dropped a load in his trousers LMAOOOOOOOOOThen I called him back on the phone and told him it was me LMAOOOOOOOO He said I scared him the freakin death LMAOOOOOOOOOO the funny thing is a leaf blew past when i screamed and from the corner of his eye he thought it was a spidey LMAOOOOOOOO

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Wed, wed, wednesday

Not much going on today, really frustrated with maddies mom again, telling me shes coming, me rushing home and then her calling later to say "oh i forgot to tell you, shes not coming today"
This is the 3rd day this week she has done this to me on top of the weeks of saying she'd be here then not bringing her. Next week shes taking her family to Florida which is fine, but that means no pay for me again so in 2 mos i have lost 400 dollars in pay. I am irritated as irritated can get.

Movin on...... I went to Lowes this morning and got me some Tubs and bubble wrap. I packed up alot of my breakables and a few snow globes that i have and packed up some of the boys room and freecycled some stuff! Freecycle is a nice asset to a community. You want something gone, instead of throwing it away you list it and someone comes and take it! it's almost as awesome as petes pond!! LOL

Okay I gotta run, i still haven't lifted a finger to clean today, just packing and packing and more packing!

Have a great wed, wed, wednesday all!

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Tuesday :)

Well, it's hot tuesday! I am ready for the fall, but evidentally it's not ready for us yet! Maybe this week sometime! I have got to have all my blood work done on Thursday, lil nervous. I hope and pray that my iron level is up , hopin and prayin.

Yesterday and last night I didn't feel real well, I am hoping i am not getting Maddies stomach stuff. Today she comes over runny nose and coughing and hoarse. UGH I can't even go into that stuff because it will put me in a tissy.

I have been attempting cleaning today, I just can not get it done. I did the grocery shopping, got them all put away, Got chimmy changas started in the crock pot for the day, Put laundry away and wiped down the counters. OH and I Cleaned out the fridge. I can't get past that though. I just don't feel like cleaning. After i do it all weekend, its the last thing i wanna do through the week.

I slept so good, I Had a good cry out before bed, that lasted about 45 min. I put on my relaxation CD and had on headphones so i couldnt hear anyone or anything. I started relaxing and BLAM stuff creeps back up. No wonder I don't relax, whenever I do painful stuff creeps up on me. Well last night I visualized the big moon and lots of stars and then I started thinking about my mamaw. I just could not stop crying. I miss her so very badly. I miss her gum, her birthday cards, her quarters, her soft soft hands, her for cryin out louds, her mallow cookies and her bananas. I just miss her. :( It's been so long since I have seen her and I just miss her.

Well............ Before i start boo hooin again, I gotta go get my butt up and find someplace to put all this stuff. The more stuff I throw away, the more stuff i end up with. Where's the logic in that?

Have a great and goodbye Ruby Tuesday, who could hang a name on you? When you change with every new day, still I'm gonna miss you............

Monday, October 03, 2005

Monday Mornin

I am up early this morning, like I was up at 6:15 am. Why......... You ask???? Because my boys got their contacts, but I have to put them in for them and we have a battle getting them in almost daily. WAHHHHHHHHHH The humanity of having to poke my fingers in their little eyes LOL !

This weekend, to put it nicely LOL was a nightmare. A good old fashioned nightmare. Ill spare you all the details but I just wanna stay home, one day! Just one!

We run and run and run and run and I just wanna stay home.

There is a cool place i go in cyberland, called Petes pond, maybe you have heard of it, maybe you haven't. Im gonna link there in a second, but its in africa and its a pond where you see all kinds of wildlife. Last night we saw an elephant drinking from there and a crocodile bobbing in the water. Its just awesome link below
Petes Pond

Okay I gotta run!
Happy Monday to all!