Monday, July 30, 2007

Kerplunk is the sound of me hitting the floor

The sun set and I just finished the back room. The heavy china cabinet I pulled out and decobwebbed behind it and mopped, dusted and conditioned all the wood on the table and chairs. Conditioned the china cabinet too. Moved all the furniture, mopped underneath everything. Cleaned every single window. Owoooooooooo I'm exhausted! Here's a pic of how shiny it is and Claire bear fixing to mess it all up again! She's actually watching Vannah play in the sandbox, but LOL she'll mess it up!
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

On one of the hottest days

of the year, why do I take on the Florida room??? Just call me stupid. I had to take a break, it's sweltering out there. I am giving it an overhaul, but I may have to wait to finish til the sun starts setting. IT'S HOT out there. Phew Owoooo. I think it wore me out! I had the boys pull out furniture out there so we could get any spideys! Good thing we did cause there were some spideys. Gag. Boys were petrified and so was I, but it was so hot, I grabbed a shoe and squished them up good!
Happy Monday!

Sunday, July 29, 2007


I updated my photo blogger to the right. I am going to add on when I can contact them (Flickr) to get my passwords. I totally stink at that!
Hope you enjoy!

Some beauty!

I took these pics in a church today :) Here are a few of my favorite pics!
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Friday, July 27, 2007

Tagged by my Melzie

random meme
1. Name someone who made you smile today?

My friend On TT Lady Poppy, she always makes me smile! We were goofing off in a mint!

2. What were you doing at 8:00 this morning?

Still snoozing

3. What were you doing 30 minutes ago?

Saying a prayer to St. Anthony to find Savannahs school paperwork for her school check up. He delivered instantly! Thanks St. Anthony!

4. Name something that happened to you in 1992?
Brett passed away :(

5. When is your birthday?

August 22

6. Four words to explain why you last threw up?

I only threw up when pregnant.

7. What color is your hairbrush?
It's a red and silver paddle brush

8. What was the last thing you bought?

A thermometer

9. Where do you keep your money?

Rolled up all over my purse and laying around. Then the bank of course

10. What was the weather like today?

It's hazy, hot and humid

11. Where did your last hug take place?

LOL from kids daily, from an adult.......Not really sure. Been awhile.

12. What are you excited about?

Lindsays baby shower Sunday

13. Do you want to cut your hair?


14. Are you over the age of 25?


15. Do you talk a lot?

It's hard to explain, when I am typing I talk alot, you guys know in emails I talk alot. But in person, not so much. I do if I have someone to talk too, but alot of the times I just sit back and listen.

16. Do you watch The O.C.?


17. Does your screen name have an "x" in it?


18. Do you know anyone named Kelsey?


19. Do you make up your own words?

Yes all the time

20. Are you ticklish?

LOL laughing at your answer Mel. Not really but can be if in the right mood.

21. Are you typically a jealous person?

Not at all. If something good comes your way, kudos to you!

22. Name a friend whose name starts with the letter "C".


23. Who's the last person to call you?


24. Do you chew on your straws?

25. Do you have curly hair?

Yes, very

26. What is the next concert you're going to?


27.Where did you go today?

No where yet, fixin to go to Savannahs check up

28. What is something you say a lot?

Will you stop that?

29. Have you seen the movie 'Donnie Darko'?


30. Do you have to work tomorrow?

Actually yes I do LOL

31. Who was the last person you said "I love you" to?

I just now kissed my puppy and told her I loved her

32. What should you be doing right now?
I should be on my way to savannahs appt which is far away, but my husband has other plans and now we are going to be late. Go figure on that one.

33. Do you have a nickname?

Nannabird, My papaw used to call me that :*)

34. Are you a heavy sleeper?


35. What are you listening to?

My blood pressure rise the later kyle is.

36. What is the best movie you've seen in the past two week?

Bridges of Madison County

37. Is there anyone you like right now?

My dogs

38. When was the last time you did the dishes?

This A.M

39. Did you cry today?

I cry daily, sometimes hourly. Yes, crying now because we are going to be late and they will cancel the appt :(

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Howdy! Happy Um, what day is it? Thursday?

Hi everyone!! Hope everyone is well!
Been a long day, I took a long nap!
My boys are always trying to be cool and what not, so I thought I would try to embarrass them a little :P
We were driving to my moms house and there was a car full of girls next to us. What is more embarrassing to 2 teenage boys than to have their mother do stupid stuff.
So I turn on the 80s station and Electric Avenue was on. An old techno like song. Don't you know I turned it up, full blast to where the van doors were vibrating. I felt like I was in the Cheech and Chong movie. The car full of girls next to us looked over. Juan was slouching far down in his seat..............What do I do?
I start dancing in the van while driving! YEE HAW. Ohhhhh they were embarrassed!! The girls looked over and smiled and I Loved it!! When they bring their girlfriends home, I'm going to break out the eyeliner and color all my teeth in black! This is Kentucky, I'm gonna be a hillbilly! Juan gets really embarrassed and I so totally love it. So we pull up at my moms and all their friends are standing out front and I turn the radio up even further and Owoooooooooo, they jumped out of that van so fast and started downplaying the music, saying their ears hurt and it was junk. Har har har. We gonna rock onto electric Avenue and then we'll take it higher :P
They have a long road!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Hi at 11 PM on Wednesday Night!

A late post. I'm trying to go to sleep, but I'm not tired at all.
I watched a few Love movies today. They are my favorite. One thing that I really have picked up on, in all my lil love movies, is the way the directors capture, that exact moment when someone realizes that they truly love another. This is what I love about those kind of movies.
Sense and Sensibility, Edward and Eleanor, their love story seemed rushed for me in the movie, but the one they captured so well was Colonel Brandon and Marianne. The moment when he walked in the room, when she was playing the piano. The look on his face. Priceless to me.
Tonight watching The Bridges of Madison County. When they first got to the Bridge and he hands her the flowers and she says they are poisonous, he drops them and they both go down to pick them up. They look up. The look.
Sigh. I love that look. But in real life, no one ever really gives that look. Or so I thought.
We sat down to watch American Inventor..........A fireman was on there and was almost crying, talking about how he loves his wife, how he hears her voice telling him he can do this or do that. The look on his face when he talked about his wife. You could see, he truly, truly loved her. Six children later and he loves her.
Of course I had tears in my eyes listening to him talk about his wife, While Kyle is behind me laughing at the guy. :(
Maybe some men just clearly cannot see, that all any woman in the world wants is to be loved. To have someone look at them, like that first time and then to look at them like that til life ends.
When the looks stop and when the looks turn to those that you really feel this person hates you. What happens then?
I think I am just a whiney sap who needs to go to bed and get in the real world.
Happy Wednesday night.

Hello, Hello

Been a few days since I have updated! I went and looked at my blog and it was really boring with no pics. Annissa wanted to do a thing where we document our whole day with pics and such. Too bad for her my life is boring, so I skirted around the idea with my Saturday and Girls...........You better follow along! Nikki made a nice video of her day. I can't keep up with that but I expect to see some pics!
So here is my Saturday well the part that was interesting LOL. I even will include a very RARE pic of myself, since as my family knows, I never let my pic be taken, but my daughter took it. It looks like I have freckles and is grainy, but I have no freckles!
I'll start first with the most beautiful girl in the world! :o) She melts my heart
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Here is my middle son! My oldest will NOT let me take his pic. Just like his mom :)
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
My mother is going to beat me for this, but I think it's an excellent pic of her!
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
To show you how boring my life really is, here is my purse. I know you were all just dying to see a photo of that
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Below is one of my favorite things I own. It's my pool bag and I try to keep it safe! I love, love, love this bag. Snoopy is on it and snoopy makes me smile. I hope it lasts forever because it's one of my very few treasured items.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
And UGH last a pic of me Savannah took. I think she may have some photography flair. Feel free to vomit at any time! I am the epitome of geekiness and have my lil mischievous grin :P I wasn't playing any pranks that day, but mischievous all the same! Oh and me and mom both are wearing our Ugly Minnie Pearl Pool hats! LOL they are so ugly!
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Okay, hope you enjoy my boring pics, Annissa I'll head your way first, then to my Melzie welzies puddin n pie blog!
Love ya lots!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Happy Saturday!

Got up early and started my weekend cleaning. I clean every single weekend. I just keep the house picked up and swept during the week and when Saturday comes, I turn it over and shake it out. It's 11 am and so far I have done 2 loads of laundry. Pressed and hung Savannahs clothes, pulled both computer desks out, swept and mopped under those. Got the couches all cleaned, pillows all cleaned. Everythings dusted. Windows washed. I pulled out the big screen TV and got under that and um.... WOOPS, I'm not sure what i did but the picture is gone, but there is sound. I'm sure I just pulled a cord loose or something.
Every Saturday, Juan wakes up and says "You're cleaning aren't you" LOL he says this because I use vinegar for everything and he hates it.
I only use vinegar on the wood floors and our house will smell like it all afternoon. He gripes til it goes away. :o) I personally love it! Makes me want a pickle.
Boys are reading the new Harry Potter. I'm feeling all better. Dogs are being geeks. Nothing else much going on. Boredom at it's finest. Getting ready to go scrub the kitchen down. I really need to do the Florida room but it gets so hot out there, I dont like messing with it.
Maybe I'll do that this evening.
Happy Saturday!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Thursday, Thursday

Ack, My brother came in this weekend and stayed with us and now has strep throat. I'm soooooo sorry. When my throat hurt, I had no idea I had strep. I feel awful about passing it on :( Sorry Johnny.
Today, I felt fantastic. We went to moms and went swimming all afternoon. It was so hot out and the pool felt awesome!! My mom always picks me and her up pool hats. Well, I couldn't find my Minnie Pearl hat, so I had to wear this black one, that looked like it had never been worn. So of course being in a pool with that many teenage boys, it gets wet. I get out of the pool, go to take a shower and I have a black ring encircling my head. LOL the dye must've stuck on me. Thank God, it came off.
It was very, very nice.
My stepbrothers were very pleasant and everyone got along great. It was a very nice day!
It stormed so badly here today. I was skeeeered and my yard was flooding. My fish pond sure is full now! I mean it rained to beat the band.
Antibiotic taking is going very good. It is really bothering my stomach. I need to pick up some Acidophilus and take it. I can't eat yogurt because of milk.
We went grocery shopping and came home.
That's about the extent of my day.
I have nothing to do, so I guess I'll lay on the couch and go to sleep. ZZzzZZzz
Have a Happy and Blessed Thursday!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


I'm so sleepy! I took a nap yesterday, so last night I couldn't fall asleep at all. I think at 3:45, I finally went to bed, but had to get up early to take my antibiotic.
Feeling alot better. Still very weak and tired. But no more fever. Throat is 100% better. I'm getting back to my chipper old self.
Today I was sitting here, thinking and felt like I was missing something. I'm not sure if you know what I'm talking about. But anywhoo something was missing. It was the nagging headache I have had for 2 mos straight. I have had a headache ALOT lately and never thought about it, but it was probably a sinus infection. Anyways, its GONE :o) Nice not having a headache. I am so suprised about how much better I feel taking these antibiotics! My head feels clearer, no eye pain, no stuffy nose.
Making a mental note of this the next time I feel sick to take the meds. It probably all started on mothers day when I had that dizzy virus. That was the point the non stop headache started.
Thats about all thats going on. I'm gonna go take a nap and then I gotta meet my friend on TT for her Maxing party :) YAY! I'm so excited and gotta get my clever on to think of something to do for her.
Have a happy Wednesday everyone.
Be Blessed

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I got some emails and IMs saying I had been

Tagged, so I'm gonna be a good girl. This one is from Annissa Melzie to the right also tagged me for the same. She included photos of her hotties. Hmph. Im jealous. Ill post my stevie and sawyer in a second so you gals can drool :) Steve = HOT
5 Things About.... MEmeME

* Go to the ocean, for one whole night, lay on the beach, watch the sunset over the horizon, watch the moon rise. Listen to the waves. I love the way the moon reflects on the water. So peaceful. God makes a beautiful earth.
* Find a way to help hurt and sick animals.
* Go to Disney World again.
* Be a published photographer
* Finish writing my childrens books. Cough cough aunt sandy, I have some new ideas and some new drawings!! I'll run them by you when I put them on paper.

* Photography
* Paint, write and draw very well
* Fix computers :o)
* Make people smile
* Give good hugs

* This is hard, because I always at least try to do everything
* I cannot eat wheat, rye, barley, oats and Milk.
* Cannot make my stepmom or stepsister like me or talk to me.
* I cannot go the airshow ever again
* I cannot pass go, do not pass go do not collect 200 dollars.

* FUNNY, FUNNY and more FUNNY. Sense of humor takes all.
* Geekiness is a huge attraction for me
* Witty and Clever
* Nice smile
* Got a lil thing going on for lots of tattoos :X

FIVE CELEBRITY CRUSHES: (Hotties) LOL I see a pattern going on that I def. like the grunge look :)
* Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Steve from Ghost Hunters

* Sawyer from LOST
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
* Don't ask and don't laugh, but Alan Rickman. Esp in his Sense n Sensibility Days
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
* Johnny Depp
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
* Hugh Grant. ::Swoon::
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

* Mom
* Aunt curl if she wants
* Anyone else who wants too, consider yourself tagged.

Happy Tuesday!!

Feeling 150% better than I did over the weekend and same with yesterday. Not up to my old usual self, but today the whineys are gone and fever is gone. Achiness still there some. Sore throat still there some.
You know, I am soooooo afraid of taking pills, not because of their size or anything, but because of the side effects. This time, I am taking them without a single twinge of anxiety. ::Shrugs:: I guess I felt so badly and know that the only way I will get better is to take them.
I actually ate today. I have been living off ice chips and pudding. So today I did eat some cereal. So YAY! :o)
It's early, I may chat again later. But wanted to update that I am healed!!

Monday, July 16, 2007

LOL pic

This pic Kyle said was back when I liked him still LOLLLLLL
That's funny stuff. I am dubbed unlovable :P
Tis okay, My dogs love me!
No worries Kyle, I'll still like you on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Ah the joys of marital problems! You should've driven me to the Dr, I would've liked you today too. Tsk, Tsk, Tsk. Have a happy Monday dear. Said very sarcastically of course! LOL
PS to see all my July Archives, you have to click on July to the right. I dunno what's with blogger lately. I've been back to posting so if you missed some just click right. Miss a day, Miss alot LOL So NOT true :P
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Back from Dr.

I am such a baby LOL :P I bawled all the way to the Drs. My neck hurt everytime I tried to turn it to drive and I was crying and crying and crying. Mom can vouch for me that when I am sick, I am a BIG cry baby LOL .
Well, I get to the stop light and ugh was wiping my eyes and I hear HONK, HONK.... I didn't look, then I hear Honk, Honk again. I look over and there's this painter guy in his truck motioning for me to roll down my window. So I roll it down and say with my muffled cryey voice......."Is there something wrong?" He then says "Buck up" I'm thinking to myself, who is this Ahole telling me to buck up. Then he saves himself and says "You are much to pretty to cry like that" I thought that was really sweet and it made me stop crying for about 10 mins. So thanks Mr. Painter guy.
Okay, I get to the Dr. His nurse Bonita takes me back, I have a fever 102 and look awful. The Dr. walks in and says "Uh oh she's not smiling, she must be sick" They know me very well LOL and sure enough, rapid strep came back immediatley positive. Stinking strep throat. :(
I had no gas at all in the van and I totally didn't want to stop and get it. Didn't feel like moving. So the image of Kramer (Seinfeld) popped into my head, where he was going to take the line to the furthest of the E that it would go. It was pretty low and stupidly I don't know why I did that, but I was going to push it.
I made it to the drug store. Got my meds. Nice big fat Amoxicillin pills. Took them and am home. My line goes pretty far below E :)
I'm over my pity party. I'll probably be whining til my fever breaks! :P So I'll stay away from blogging til I am whine free.
Happy Monday
Be blessed

Early Monday

Didn't sleep any last night. Still feel horrible. Waiting for the Dr. to open. I have asked Kyle twice if he's going to take off to take me to Dr. I guess it's a big fat no and I'd expect no less.
I'm lightheaded, weak, fever. This should be an extremely fun drive.
Not to mention I'm very angry.
I would love for someone just to take care of me when I am sick.
Would be nice.
But, that only happens in the dreamworld.
Not much else happening. I have eaten so much ice it's unreal.
My dogs are geeks.
That's about it.
I'll update after I get home from Drs.
Happy Monday

Sunday, July 15, 2007

UGH My 10 year friend returns

For the past 2 days, I literally have not moved out of my computer chair, other than to go lay down. I have been freezing and have an extremely sore throat.
I have a bad headache, have a fever. Went downstairs to see why my throat hurts so bad. Wouldn't you know. Tonsilitis.
I'm sooooooooo sad. I have to find the strength tomorrow to take myself to the Dr. and sit in that waiting room with all the kids.
There is no gluten free Tylenol, just the kids stuff, so I have to get some of that. I have asked Kyle to go get me some and he's not being too nice. Hollering, yelling at this or that.
Anywhoo, keep me in your prayers. You know my fear of pills. I haven't taken antibiotics since I had Tenosynovitis in 2005.
I'm gonna go lay down and cry and try to lay my clothes out for tomorrow so that's one less thing to do

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Boring Old Saturday

Nothing going on today. Absostinkinglutely nothing. I scrubbed the bathroom. Scrubbed the living room.
There has been an ongoing CFO marathon in TT and I have done that um 19 times now or so.
Kyle made dinner. Meatloaf, Smeatloaf. I haven't had it since getting this stinking disease. But he made it with rice and it wasn't too bad.
Johnny and Angie came over. Johnny wanted to play me in scrabble LOL
I whooped up on him pretty bad. :) I am very, very, very good at scrabble!
I shall change my name to Wordsmyth! I actually used to read the Scrabble dictionary for fun and I have the 2, 3 and 4 letter word list memorized.
I am truly 100% nerdy! I love every second of it.
Get it from my mother :) One time her and I and Kyle sat down to play Kyle on a 3 person match. He was watching TV or something and kept taking his turns and cheating. Like mother, Like daughter!
Anthony just got home from his trip. He had an excellent time.

Not much going on. I need to make Dr appts. Savannah needs her shots. I need my autoimmune disease blood check up, to see if this stinking disease is in remission or not. Anthony needs his school physical. Juan needs his school physical. Opie and Claire both need heartworming and Opie needs his shots. Kyle needs his Skin Cancer screening thingy. So much to do, so little time!

School starts in a month. I am secretly smiling inside, very, very bigly. Back to the salon for me. I have 4 senior pic appts, but those can be done on weekends! I have a wedding and engagement photo shoot soon. As for hairdressing I shall skip all the way to my chair. :)

Have a Happy and Blessed Saturday!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Bible School Program and Ice Cream Social

I have the cutest lil bugger in the world, who just speaks her mind and tells it like it is. Tonight we were leaving bible school and Memaw asked her if she wanted to go say goodbye to Father and she said "The man who wears the dress" LOL so cute! I explained to her that it was a robe and she informed me that he wore a necklace too. Too much to get into with her, but I tried to explain. So cute. Here are some pics. She did so well! Before we left I put her hair in Piggy tails and she said "Mom I have to have a headband" I told her that you do NOT wear a headband with piggy tails. So she whines, cries and I decide that she can wear the headband. I totally did NOT get the memo that this is what the girls are doing. Sure enough, all the girls were wearing headbands with pony and pig tails. I have alot to learn about girls. OYE!
Pics below of my sweetheart. My son Juan was bored to tears and found absolute pleasure in watching one little boy constantly dig way up his nose. At least it kept him entertained. However I was fairly certain he was going to reach his brain. He was hard at work! Nooooooo You don't do that kind of thing in church ARGH! Boys!
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Her and her friend discussing the boys behavior LOL
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


It's Friday! Friday I am in LOVE With you LOL. I also really like that song!
I already took my shower and putting junk on my hair to flat iron it.
Tonight is Savannahs Bible School program and I am so excited to go and watch her sing!
Plus I get to take some pics.
Anthony made it safely to his destination and is enjoying himself very much!
Savannah slept very late, Juan is still asleep. He stays up, very late playing Toon Town.
Opie and Claire are both sleeping away. Savannah is doing art and all is as it should be.
Johnny and Angie are coming in to stay tomorrow. They invited us to go on the casino boat. I'm mulling it over still. I secretly think he wants to stay here to play my scrabble game, since his is broken.
I am WAY up for a good Scrabble challenge. Melzie, you hear that. Remember our long, LONG days of and the rankings LOL. We used to play for hours upon hours and she is my equal match in scrabble. We had a very good time. Then we moved on to If you haven't ever played that, you should. Mary O lee you and Bill might like that. It's win, lose or draw on the puter!
Okay, I have rambled on long enough. I guess I'll mop or something useful. I could always do a load of laundry or something too. Or just not do anything, but then in turn would have to find something because not doing anything, isn't everything it's cracked up to be. LOL that's enough things to last me a full day!
Happy Friday, have a wonderful and safe weekend.
Be blessed!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

It's Thursday, but feels like a Monday

Or even possibly a Sunday. But other than Big Brother being on, it doesn't feel very Thursdayish. Hmmm.
I got a new keyboard and I can not figure it out.
It's all stiff and I keep making typos. I hope it will loosen up soon.
Slept really well last night.
I kinda have a headache.
Anthony left today on his trip.
I'm waiting up for the phone call that he made it safely.
I know he's old enough to do fine, I still worry alot!
I hope he has a good time.
Called and checked on the Goose, but they didn't really give me any info.
Wonder if the Privacy laws apply to Geese.
Goose vet confidentiality.
Okay, gonna jet and watch for Savannah to get home from bible school.
Hop Hop our frog pond sits right by our door at night and catches bugs.
I never realized how big he is.
I may go feed the fish too.
Have a Happy and blessed Thursday which feels like a Monday.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


I called momma to see if she got and update on the goose. She called the vets and they said they are going to do surgery on the Goose in the morning.

Nothing much went on today. Seemed very long, very drawn out.

Anthony leaves for his trip tomorrow. He is so excited that he went to bed at 8:45 to make tomorrow hurry quicker.

Savannah is still at Bible School. She is so cute and her starting school in a couple of weeks breaks my heart.

When we agreed I would stay home til she went to school, I never ever dreamed it would go by so fast. Time it goes by, truly with a blink of an eye.

The day she goes, I will be crying hysterically I'm sure. My last baby going to school. Anthony turning 16. I suddenly feel so old.

LOL aunt Carol getting ready to be a Grandma, I guess you feel a wee bit older than me LOL :P

Aunt Carol asked me to be the OFFICIAL photographer at Lindsays baby shower. I am so excited and so honored. Can I have a button that says OFFICIAL on it LOL :)
Savannah has already picked out a dress to wear to it!

We'll be sure to take lots of pics to send to Sandy Mae!

Hope everyone has a nice and quiet Wednesday evening.

Be Blessed.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Happy Tuesday!
It's stinking HOT outside!

Not much happening today. Savannah is at Bible School.

I just finished up TT waiting for Big Brother to come on. Got most of my cleaning done over the weekend. I'm semi bored.

Mom called me with a story that made me about cry. They saw a big goose in their yard and it looked hurt. They took some water and stuff out to it and mom said it was drinking up the water really fast.
Their kids came out, the neighbors and their kids came out to find out what was wrong with the goose.

They finally got close enough to him and saw that he had swallowed a bunch of fishing line and was choking on it :(

My mom went inside and called the Humane Society, Nope, no help. Dept of fish and wildlife, Nope, they don't have the funding to help a goose.
This made me very, very sad.
So she decided to call our vets, the ones I posted about when Claire had her surgery who in my opinion are the best ever.
They told my mom to bring the goose in and they would take him/ her and take care of her and that they own a rehabilitation farm til the goose gets well enough to be on its own.
It makes me sad how some people just don't care about these animals. How they think it's just a goose or just this or just that.
Then this fabulous group of people, who operate in a tiny building off of a busy highway, care about the goose.

Indeed, a truly amazing group of people.

So my stepdad took the goose there and they didn't charge him a penny.

My mom is going to call and check on the goose tomorrow.

And all those kids, gathered around, caring about the goose :)

You hear about all the bad in the world, but so often, the small stuff, the good stuff is overlooked.

I'll update you on the goose

Happy Tuesday.

Monday, July 09, 2007

WOO HOO on edit, it let me add a TITLE

I couldn't be any happier than if........... You insert your own words there.
But WOO HOO it worked, it worked!!!

It is driving me insane that I can not add titles to my posts. Any of you blogger experts out there HELP!!
2 posts in one day. Maybe I had better check outside to make sure the sky isn't falling.
I'm kinda bored this evening. Kyles computing next to me. Savannah's um, playing with a thing a majig that she made at bible school tonight. Juan is Wiiing. Anthony is up in his room sleeping I do believe.
Our cousin is taking Anthony, Thursday away to Gatlinburg for his 16th birthday trip. He is looking so forward to it. I have to give him a haircut tomorrow and give bubby one too. It's about that time. Dad is due, Kyle is due. Hair cut rounds. It's July and I HAVE and I do stress HAVE to make myself sit in that 6 hr continuing education class.
I do not like those, unless of course they let me be a model and I get my hair and everything done and at those things, it's usually cool stuff they do.

It's hot outside. I was out at our pond tonight and I fed all the fish. I couldn't find raccoon boy. The fish that the raccoon ate his tail all the way off. I posted about it last year. Anywhoo, I think his tail has grown back and that's why I didn't see him. He may be like all the other fish now!! WOO HOO :o) That's plum exciting in these parts!!

I Toon Town with alot of people and they got me all hooked up on Yahoo, it's kinda cool and today I hear my computer ringing and Anita messages me and tells me to accept. Of course I couldn't chat because I have no microphone, but she was talking to me and I was typing to her. It was sooooooo cool and she has the neatest lil accent. So tonight my hubby got me a microphone and I'm going to give it a whirl. Can't promise I'll stick with it, but gonna try it out!

I am not very chat savvy, so we shall see. They will dub me uncouth! LOL

Computers are so nifty in a far out kinda way!!

Okay, I guess I had better think about going in our cave to get some sleep.
We have a leak and we can't figure out where it's coming from. Waters everywhere. We pulled up the carpet, dried it out and it quit. Now it's back again.
Hmmmmmmm my hypothesis is........... I don't have one LOL
Could be anything.
Dad came over and looked at it, thought it was the air, but it's the middle of the floor. Not even that close to the central air unit.
This sounds like a job for Shaggy and Scooby
Rut Roh
Happy Monday Night!
Melzie Welzie, I love, love, Love you and I'm keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.
It still won't let me access titles. GRRR
Anyways. It's very funny how you can be driving along one minute and then the next a song comes on the radio and everything that was good about the day just turns to sadness. Kyle had driven my car all weekend and had put it on some old rock station. I was leaving moms, hit the freeway and UGH

Ignore the video, but the song is the song Brett picked for me, before he died. He said he wanted to play it at his funeral, to make me cry.
Like I needed any help in that department on that day. But I just started bawling and bawling while driving the freeway.
Kyle gets his feelings hurt whenever I bring Brett up. I keep it all bottled in and I know it's been a long time. But it's hard for me to hold it in. He's not like a boyfriend who I broke up with and we went our separate ways. We were engaged, had a child and there were no bad terms.
So, I feel guilt over hurting Kyles feelings but also still miss Brett sometimes horribly. I can't remember his voice anymore, or anything. The only thing I remember is the cancer and the chemo.
Holy Crap it all makes me sad. It's almost the anniversary and every year around this time, I get upset. Still the piece of paper haunts me. I just want to know what he wanted me to know right before he died.
I'll never know.
One piece of paper. I'll never forget.
All of his handwritten notes were lost when the house burned down. Then that piece of paper he was trying to write on before he died, Sherry threw it away. I wanted the paper. I have nothing left of him anymore. The funeral pillow and all his stuff was in that closet that was my room. Someone got it out when they went back to the house, but it was severely damaged with smoke and water. The notes were completely ruined. Pictures were ruined.
Stinking radio. I'm changing it back to my regular station.

Happy Monday.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Hmmm it won't let me post a title. Hmmmmmm
It's Sunday.
Haven't updated in awhile. Big brother started. Watched that.
Cleaning up. You can probably look back to the exact day of last year and I'm still doing the same old, same old.
I have absolutely nothing to say LOL
Isn't that odd.
Let me think of something really quick.
I gotta pee LOL
Ummmmmm It's Christmas in July time and I haven't watched any Christmas stuff yet.
Bird boy hasn't killed anything in a couple few weeks.
Have a happy week!!