Monday, July 16, 2007

Back from Dr.

I am such a baby LOL :P I bawled all the way to the Drs. My neck hurt everytime I tried to turn it to drive and I was crying and crying and crying. Mom can vouch for me that when I am sick, I am a BIG cry baby LOL .
Well, I get to the stop light and ugh was wiping my eyes and I hear HONK, HONK.... I didn't look, then I hear Honk, Honk again. I look over and there's this painter guy in his truck motioning for me to roll down my window. So I roll it down and say with my muffled cryey voice......."Is there something wrong?" He then says "Buck up" I'm thinking to myself, who is this Ahole telling me to buck up. Then he saves himself and says "You are much to pretty to cry like that" I thought that was really sweet and it made me stop crying for about 10 mins. So thanks Mr. Painter guy.
Okay, I get to the Dr. His nurse Bonita takes me back, I have a fever 102 and look awful. The Dr. walks in and says "Uh oh she's not smiling, she must be sick" They know me very well LOL and sure enough, rapid strep came back immediatley positive. Stinking strep throat. :(
I had no gas at all in the van and I totally didn't want to stop and get it. Didn't feel like moving. So the image of Kramer (Seinfeld) popped into my head, where he was going to take the line to the furthest of the E that it would go. It was pretty low and stupidly I don't know why I did that, but I was going to push it.
I made it to the drug store. Got my meds. Nice big fat Amoxicillin pills. Took them and am home. My line goes pretty far below E :)
I'm over my pity party. I'll probably be whining til my fever breaks! :P So I'll stay away from blogging til I am whine free.
Happy Monday
Be blessed

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the curl said...

You poor thing. I grew up with strep and I would get it EVERY season, in my 20's and 30's, like you, I'd drive myself to the doctor (by myself) go in, get a shot (they gave shots then)
go out to my car, almost pass out (that's what I do when I get a shot). I don't remember having to take Lins though with me, Thank God, b/c it was rough. The good part is I hardly get strep anymore (now I'll get it tomorrow, ha ha) I had it sooo much I'm immune. the good thing about strep, if there is a good thing, is the antiobiotics usually work pretty well, but I know with your issues with pills and they make them so big!! Hang in there and hope you feel better soon. love ya, Curl