Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Happy Tuesday!
It's stinking HOT outside!

Not much happening today. Savannah is at Bible School.

I just finished up TT waiting for Big Brother to come on. Got most of my cleaning done over the weekend. I'm semi bored.

Mom called me with a story that made me about cry. They saw a big goose in their yard and it looked hurt. They took some water and stuff out to it and mom said it was drinking up the water really fast.
Their kids came out, the neighbors and their kids came out to find out what was wrong with the goose.

They finally got close enough to him and saw that he had swallowed a bunch of fishing line and was choking on it :(

My mom went inside and called the Humane Society, Nope, no help. Dept of fish and wildlife, Nope, they don't have the funding to help a goose.
This made me very, very sad.
So she decided to call our vets, the ones I posted about when Claire had her surgery who in my opinion are the best ever.
They told my mom to bring the goose in and they would take him/ her and take care of her and that they own a rehabilitation farm til the goose gets well enough to be on its own.
It makes me sad how some people just don't care about these animals. How they think it's just a goose or just this or just that.
Then this fabulous group of people, who operate in a tiny building off of a busy highway, care about the goose.

Indeed, a truly amazing group of people.

So my stepdad took the goose there and they didn't charge him a penny.

My mom is going to call and check on the goose tomorrow.

And all those kids, gathered around, caring about the goose :)

You hear about all the bad in the world, but so often, the small stuff, the good stuff is overlooked.

I'll update you on the goose

Happy Tuesday.

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Twinkie said...

I can't believe I just got all misty over a silly goose. :-)

Have a great day and thanks for the reminder that there's some good in the world.