Saturday, July 21, 2007

Happy Saturday!

Got up early and started my weekend cleaning. I clean every single weekend. I just keep the house picked up and swept during the week and when Saturday comes, I turn it over and shake it out. It's 11 am and so far I have done 2 loads of laundry. Pressed and hung Savannahs clothes, pulled both computer desks out, swept and mopped under those. Got the couches all cleaned, pillows all cleaned. Everythings dusted. Windows washed. I pulled out the big screen TV and got under that and um.... WOOPS, I'm not sure what i did but the picture is gone, but there is sound. I'm sure I just pulled a cord loose or something.
Every Saturday, Juan wakes up and says "You're cleaning aren't you" LOL he says this because I use vinegar for everything and he hates it.
I only use vinegar on the wood floors and our house will smell like it all afternoon. He gripes til it goes away. :o) I personally love it! Makes me want a pickle.
Boys are reading the new Harry Potter. I'm feeling all better. Dogs are being geeks. Nothing else much going on. Boredom at it's finest. Getting ready to go scrub the kitchen down. I really need to do the Florida room but it gets so hot out there, I dont like messing with it.
Maybe I'll do that this evening.
Happy Saturday!

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SassyFemme said...

You do all that EVERY Saturday? Good Lord, Di! That's about a monthly thing here, just light vacuum and dust in between.