Saturday, January 27, 2007

Still in my PJs

In the morning it will be 7 whole days since I left the house or gotten out of my PJs (i shower, just put clean PJS back on). I intend on going out tomorrow, I have to clean moms and go the grocery. My streak will be over. It's pretty depressing.
This is about the worst my depression gets, usually from February on, I go on an upsweep because the days are longer. I have that SAD (seasonal affective disorder)pretty badly. Butt it will be gone soon and YAY Summer and Happier days!!
We get our taxes back this week YAY!!!!!!!!!!! well we Hope they come this week! we have alot of bills to pay and the lovely computer I was given for Christmas has to be paid for LOL. Gotta love the buy now pay later deals!!
We are trying to plan a trip just kyle and myself to go to HH to visit my aunt!! I can't wait, I need a break away.
I will miss the kids but it's desperatley needed.
We've all had the flu, coughing, sneezing etc. Savannah had it a week and a half ago, Juan had it last week at the wedding, I had it the last few days. I ran a fever for a couple days. It broke at 3am this morning.
Thank Goodness.
Today I have stripped my house. I started upstairs at 9 am and have finished the top floor and middle by 4:30. i need to do the basement if I can muster up some more energy. At least its clean though!!
Have a Happy Saturday Evening and a Happy Sunday all

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Happy Wednesday!!!

Not much going on. Savannah was in a wedding on Saturday. I updated my photo blogger with a few pics from that. My camera is gone, gone, gone, whoaaaaa whoaaaaa whoaaaaa. Kyles Brother in Law fixed it at the wedding and it like reset itself and on the blink again. I think I just worked it to death. So sad.
It snowed here last night. Looks so beautiful!!!
Aside from that, nothing all all happening!
Be sure to look at photo blogger.
Hope all are well!!
Happy Wednesday!!!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The cutest video ever

Of course last night was American Idol night and with that comes a whole season of Savannah singing and Dancing. This was tooooooo cute :o) I love the armpit part!!! Its funny too but she cries if you laugh!! Shes adorable!!! Here it is, Vannah Idol

Monday, January 15, 2007

Monday Monday again

LOL It's been a full week since I have updated.
Im beat. We went to YMCA yesterday and worked out. I got into watching a movie and before I knew it I had logged 5 miles on the bike!
Today was my first day not babysitting in awhile.
I spent the full day cleaning Savannahs room. We went through all toys, washed them, straightened out her clothes and put away toys that she no longer plays with.
Since there are no babies anymore, she was allowed to have all her barbie stuff down.
We made her a barbie doctors office and bedroom and townhouse.
She played up there all day long and was soooooo good :)
She is sick though :( has a bad cold. Yesterday she was crying and crying her eyes hurt so bad and she had a bad headache.
Today sneezing and coughing. Poor baby girl.
Tonight I am still cleaning, I did the bathroom and Anthonys room.
I pretty much cleaned all day.
It takes me all day, I wash the ceiling fans, wash the walls, get the baseboards.
Tomorrow is the middle floor then Wednesday the basement.
By the time I get down here, I will need to re overhaul the upstairs!
Tomorrow also starts American Idol, I am extremely happy!!!
Sandy thanks for the video and the pictures, the video was so hilarious! I loved it!
I miss pictures. My camera is broke :o( This breaks my wee little heart.
Hopefully soon a new one will come my way.
Have a great Monday night all and I will try to update more frequently!

Monday, January 08, 2007

Monday Monday

I woke up and thought today was going to be smooth, but the people around me have other plans LOL
We joined the YMCA with Mom and have been working out alot. It's very nice and very stress relieving. We picked mom up on Saturday morning and spent the morning working out. We all had a good time.
Yesterday Johnny and Angie went with us to the Y out my way and we all worked out.
Im a little sore today, but not much, so I guess that means I need to work out harder.
The boys are playing basketball there alot and they love it!
They are making lots of friends and burning up lots of energy.
Savannah liked it until a girl got her trapped at the top of the play land and was pulling her hair and hitting her. Now she is scared to go up there.
Thanks Bratty Kid.
On Friday I gave my notice for babysitting. I am officially done :o) I am very very veryyyyyyyyyyyyy excited to be done for good.
No more going back. None.
The parents make me insane and I have no tolerance for them anymore.
So finished it is :o)
I was very proud of myself and it went smoothly.
So a couple weeks and DONE DONE DONE :o)
Haven't a clue what I am going to do, but I am just going to let what happens happen.
My health isn't worth it.
Savannah gets registered for school on February 1st. I am so sad about it.
If I think about it I cry.
Im very very sad :(
From school on it goes so quickly.
She'll be grown before I know it.
Okay I gotta run, baby is crying
Have a great day all!