Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I'd rather be fishin

Got a huge spurt of energy today, I have scrubbed my whole house. Top floor to almost bottom. The basement is kyles domain so I don't touch it, however have been down there getting laundry done and put away. I pulled out the fridge, got on top of it, washed walls, fans. Scrubbed the floors. It looks great in here. I'm about out of things to do, but as soon as the kids start running around, I'm sure they will make a mess of it. I'm so tired now! but enjoying the clean clean house!! Sad American Idol won't be on tonight. Going to miss it!
Happy Tuesday

Sunday, May 25, 2008


Been a very long time. Nothing going on. Still dizzy in spurts. Overall, I just am not feeling well. I have been feeling awful since about a month after we moved in this house. No energy, headaches, dizziness, asthma. We are going to have the house tested for black mold.
My health is seriously putting a huge crimp on my life. The dizziness is nothing like it was that one day, but I just don't feel right in that department. My eyes move when i don't move them. If my legs move and my body doesn't my body jerks as if it's trying to catch it. I hate it. Hate it.
Semi getting anxiety about going anywhere cause I'm afraid it will happen out in public. What a way to live.
So please send me prayers, lots and lots and lots.
Kids are out of school now.
Hope this summer holds alot of fun and not alot of misery.
Happy Sunday
Much love to everyone

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Been awhile

Nothing to report really. Alls the same. Savannah graduated. 4 more days of school left. That's about it. Hope everyone is well.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Just finished cleaning up the whole entired middle floor. Washed windows, walls did it all. Feeling a lil better. I love my mornings when they are quiet, I can clean and just get things organized and it's quiet. Savannahs graduating from Kindergarten Tuesday if anyone wants to come you are welcome. It's sad. She's growing up. So big, so sweet and so grown. Her belated bday party is going to be not this weekend but next I think. Things keep coming up and we can't ever find a good time.
Happy Tuesday!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day.
Not much going on.
Down today.
Disappointed in people.
Always makes me the saddest when people
I look up to, people I respect...Disappoint me.
I know people are people, but sometimes the disappointment
reaches limits that I wash my hands of them. Those who
know me, know it takes alot for that to happen, but when
it does....I don't go back.
Pivotal moments...
So I'm down because I know my feelings have changed.
Take what I can from the good moments of the friendship.
Then learn from the bad... the disappointment will fade over time.
But won't ever be forgotten.

Such is life...

Other than that, nothing going on. I have my moments on dizziness. Taking
all of my meds as the Dr. directed. Nothing like it was the other day. My breathing
is really getting alot better. Baby steps.

Hope all you moms out there have a wonderful day.


I tried to add some more new songs, but it kept giving me errors and I can't change them neither.. Heifers...I'll try again later. Mom asked me to add one and I forgot the name, so I'll get on that!!

Thursday, May 08, 2008


didu notice below i wrote wednesday and its freaking Thursday... good grief


Feelin a lil bit better... Trying to update my blog and get some new music on... Been singing this song to everyone for a month and no one knew the name, found it by accident!! But I LOVE It!! :D
Happy Wednesday!
Antihistamines rock!!!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Ugh keep trying to type out but keeps giving me errors. I am way to weak and worn down for long typing but will update... Severe allergies/allergy attack... Given lots of drugs.. Can breathe again.. Am to stay in bed and rest and recover from what happened.

Take drugs and rest... which is what I'm doing.
Prayers, say lots
I really am not sure that I have ever been that scared in my life.

Waiting to go to hospital

Gotta get savannah to school. Woke up this morning, room was spinning around and around. I didn't feel right, arms are weak. Almost fainted a few times.... I am very sick and feel extremely bad. I don't feel right. I didn't feel right yesterday. Carbon monoxide detector was going off and a gas leak.....dad shut the gas off, so surely that's not it, but I feel awful.. I have never been room spinning dizzy before like this. I screamed for Kyle because I was so scared and couldn't move, my eyes were all twitching in the back of my head... Then 5 min later again and again. I'm scared to death.
Update later when I get home.. Say prayers. Lots..

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Happy Derby Day!!

YAY!! It has stormed.....you know what that means?? MUD and in the infield gonna make for good TV! YAY!! Up early, someones coming to fix the air. Going to a party in a bit. Wish I drank so I could get sloshed. Feeling better than I did the other day. I just really need a run of good luck. Any takers for my black cloud? Come on you know you want it. I have a ton of emails I haven't responded to. I have missed a ton of phone calls....If you need me call my cell. I have 2 teenage boys who not only live on the phone, they keep it in their rooms, lock the door or lose it and I don't even see the house phone. Dad and mom have both learned that I am only reachable on my cell. Okies, off to do some cleaning and some grocery stuffs before party!! WOOT!
Happy Derby Day!!

Thursday, May 01, 2008

I can't take anymoreeeeeeee

I live with a migraine from stress..... Let's see, basement ruined from water leaks... from the air , from the sink... Last summer air broke.... went the cheap route to fix it and hope and pray it works. Worked. Water leaks again.........shorted out the air.....gotta get it fixed. Went downstairs this morning.......Water leak again, water heater??????? pipes???????who knows.....all the carpet in the whole basement has to be pulled up......Mold is starting to grow on the walls...... I am at my breaking point. Seriously...At my breaking point. How can we sell this house with all the stuff that keeps going wrong???? I don't know what to do...... I'm drowning, not slowly but quickly...
Haven't written... what's to write?
It's all bad.......Always bad.