Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Just finished cleaning up the whole entired middle floor. Washed windows, walls did it all. Feeling a lil better. I love my mornings when they are quiet, I can clean and just get things organized and it's quiet. Savannahs graduating from Kindergarten Tuesday if anyone wants to come you are welcome. It's sad. She's growing up. So big, so sweet and so grown. Her belated bday party is going to be not this weekend but next I think. Things keep coming up and we can't ever find a good time.
Happy Tuesday!


Lisa said...

Our babies are growing up fast!! I love this Tim McGraw song!!!

Carie said...

man I wish I had the get up and go that you do lol...I start to clean and when I am done I am so drained, you are like wonder mom :)