Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I am pooped out

I cleaned all day yesterday and babysat. Will probably clean all day today, of course theres the babysitting thing.
I am pooped. Nothing new going on. Same crap different day.
Have a happy wednesday. No Lost tonight :(

Monday, May 29, 2006

Pooped out

Man it was a busy weekend. That about sums it all up. Kyle was off on Friday and we went shopping, saturday we went to my aunt sues, I cleaned while kyle ripped up carpet. We were there all day and most of the afternoon. We got home about 8 and both were too tired to move. Sunday, we got up, had to go clean my moms, then we spent the afternoon swimming! the first swim of the year! I Love to swim!
Then grocery shopping and home.
Today, Kyle did yardwork and he ripped the yard next to the side walk and we planted some plants, Mark came over and planted us some plants under our over hang. It looks soooooooooo good out front! We are going to get some solar lights to put in there between each plant up the walk way!
I can't get over how truly good it looks out there!
We are going to work on the pond next. It needs some TLC, Weeds pulled and such. Ill try to post a pic of the front yard tomorrow!
Kyle is so worn out the boys are worn out. They were all out there helping!
It was awesome!
Saturday night, my brother and his girlfriend stayed here and we watched weatherman with Nicholas Cage and thinking about the Camel Toe made me giggle all weekend. I had no freaking clue what a Camel Toe was LOL
Have a great rest of the week!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

My oldest Baby boy

My other baby boy graduating from Middle School. He'll officially be in high school next year

Anthonys graduation

This was the graduation, mom is probably have post traumatic stress disorder looking at the pic LOL It was 87 outside, humid, hot, inside all those people, lots of people with no place to sit and it was sweltering hot. UGHHHHHHHH it was the most disorganized function I have ever attended!

anthonys graduation 1

My Middle Baby Boy

He Graduated from 5th Grade last night, Such a handsome fella!
Juans Graduation 1
Juans Graduation 3

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

My baby girl


There's no place like home


My Eye!

I was walking in Kroger yesterday and something dripped from the ceiling and got me directly in the eye. I didn't think much about it, but today my eye is all red a lil swollen and itchy. What the hell could fall from the ceiling in Kroger?

I looked around for birds and didn't see any. I haven't a clue what got me.

Not much happening, just babysitting as usual.

Last night couldn't sleep, so many anxiety attacks in such a short time. I was glad for morning.

Hope everyone has a happy Wednesday!

Monday, May 22, 2006

How I feel

This pic sums it all up!!!!!!!!!!! For years and years, I have been hot. HOT, HOT, HOT.... I hated heat. I would flip out and have anxiety attacks when hot. I don't have a clue what happened. I used to turn on my air in February and March. Now, NOPE,I am frozen all the time. I don't know what happened to make me freezing all the time. Last night, Me , Kyle and Savannah were laying in bed, he was hot and sweating and I was frozen.
I went into the grocery store the other day and it was so cold in there it made my lungs hurt and I wanted nothing more than to get out of there.
Being cold is AWFUL. What the hell was I thinking all those years and why all the sudden, do I not like cold anymore?
You would think I had thyroid problems, but I do not.
I dunno whats going on, but it's so cold in my house and warm outside and I have a space heater on at the end of May.
Crazy stuff
Happy Monday :o)
My Hubby's home :c)

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Proud to be

Laundry free :)
I have kept it up for a week straight almost!
Today I did all the linens and bed spreads :)

I love no laundry!

I have been trying to clean the laundry room and unpack some stuff

My stomach has been achey all day. I did the walking away the pounds with weights and I am not sure if I pulled a muscle or if my stomach just hurts.

Either way I feel a lil puny

Okay, have a great Wednesday, its Lost night, AI night and Ghost Hunters night!

Good TV overload :)

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The ABCs of Me

The ABCs of Me
Accent: A southern accent but Mild one

Booze: Don't Drink

Chore I Hate: Laundry

Dog or Cat: Doggie

Essential Electronics: Air conditioning, Computer, Cell phone

Favorite Cologne: Can't wear it, gives me a headache

Gold or Silver: Gold

Hometown: Bedford: Louisville KY

Insomnia: Nope

Job Title: Stay at home Mom

Kids: Anthony 14, Juan 11 and Savannah 4

Living Arrangements: Married and living with my family

Most Admirable Traits: Creativity

Numbers: 4 6 7 8 11 15 22

Overnight Hospital Stays: 3 for each of my childrens births

Phobias: Too many too list LOL Ill name 3 spiders, death and flying

Quote: What comes around goes around

Religion: Catholic

Siblings: 1 brother

Time I Wake Up: 7:15

Unusual Talent or Skill: Hmmmm Dunno Good at playing tricks i guess

Vegetable I Love: Cauliflower, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage. I love all of them almost

Worst Habit: pulling my hair up, its an anxiety thing for me to not be able to pull my hair up

X-Rays: alot

Yummy Foods I Make: This is better suited for Kyle, but I made good meatloaf

Zodiac Sign:Leo

Now if you read, go do this on your blog LOL

Monday, May 15, 2006

Monday Monday

Today for being Monday wasn't too awfully bad.
I spent the day cleaning up the house.
The kids watched Nanny McPhee (that movie is too freaking cute)

I went back to babysitting today. It went smoothly. I wanted to sleep in though and couldn't. Not really much else to write.

I had a nice mothers day, the kids are behaving and life is as it should be!

Happy Tuesday!

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mothers Day


Hope everyone has a nice peaceful Mothers Day!!!


Friday, May 12, 2006


Finally, it's Friday! Puts a cap on a long week!

I've been doing laundry and getting it put away :)
Trying to Tidy up!

I think we may start painting the Laundry room really soon, so I am trying to get alot of that stuff outta there!

Anyone know if you can have your electricity updated to handle more? I guess I need to get an electrician out here to give me some estimates on some work i wanna have done!

Tomorrow we have a birthday party. UGH At Chuck E. Cheese, bigger UGH, paying money to get into some place 2 of us can't eat. Oh well!

Have a great weekend all!

Thursday, May 11, 2006


The week is rapidly coming to a close! Juan had therapy this morning and it took almost all day. The brightness of the outside is makin my head hurt and Its almost the weekend!

Kyle has part 2 interview tomorrow............. Hoping and praying he gets the job. Keeping my fingers crossed!

The other day LOL Anthony sleepwalks and i guess he woke up and was sort of in a sleepwalking state and then woke up. He got up at 12:30 am LOL and ate breakfast, got in the shower, got ready for school, came downstairs at 1:30 to get his field trip money and year book money from kyle LOL Me n Kyle woke up and looked at each other. Anthony was like its 6:30 I gotta go. Had he not needed money that boy would've went to the bus stop and tried to get on the bus. Thats a scary thought. Anywhoo we made him go back to bed LOL and then he had to re get up and go to school.

My glasses are broken and I Can't see. I am pretty much legally blind. Well you guys know Im afraid of spiders LOL twice now I Have seen a fuzz ball on the floor and picked it up and it was a live spider LOL I was so freaked out. Savannah came downstairs yesterday ready to go. to me it looked like she had on black pants. We get to walgreens and i get her out of her carseat the girl has on a shirt and a pair of tights, you can see her panties everything. So I threw a raincoat on her ran in and got what i Needed and back out LOL

I need Bennet and bloom eye centers badly!

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The picture says it all


I don't even have to look back, it's been close to my 3 month break from migraine cause it's backkkkkkkkkkk.

Yesterday was plain awful. This month its one of the neurological ones. Monday night I was extremely dizzy and felt funky, then yesterday all day, the pain would come and go and I would get numb and everything was funky on the right side of my body. My scalp hurt, that ear hurt, my eye hurt, my skin hurt. It's annoying.

Today it's still there, not as bad but my fingers are numb etc. Alot of the time, I hate myself, I really, really do. I get so tired of feeling bad. I can't believe it's all from stress. I don't see any end to my stress, so if thats what's causing it, then I better just get used to it.

Okay, I guess I better run. Its almost 9 Savannah is still sleeping, so I am going to lay back down and listen to it storm. Maybe I can get some more zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzs

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Pics of the new Sofa N Loveseat and how I arranged living room

Dunno if I am gonna keep it this way, but we shall see!!!!

What comes around............Goes around

My brother and I were discussing Karma the other night. I fully believe in Karma. I think the earth has to keep some sort of balance. I do believe at some point what comes around goes around. Whether it's instant gratification, or if it takes years.

2 examples of this happened this weekend. In a mommy loop I am in, we were all sad and depressed because of money. We couldn't afford gas for our cars, some peoples gas were shut off and of course a couple weeks ago, our gas and lights were shut off. We were discussing clothes, how some of us didn't have many summer clothes for our kids and pickins were slim. Savannah is one of the smallest in the group, Then anothers girl has 2 daughters who are smaller than savannah. So I packed up a box of clothes that savannah couldn't wear anymore and stuffed and stuffed and mailed it to her on Friday. Yesterday Kyles mom pulls up and gets out a big box of clothes that someone had given her for Savannah. Savannah didn't have many summer clothes either. I gave and got back. People don't understand why I give so much, it ALWAYS Comes back to me. ALWAYS.

Kinda like You reap what you sow and I'd rather have what I get any day. It shows how the Lord does work in mysterious ways. He really, truly does.

The next thing that happened this weekend. Is I have been saying for a few months, that I didn't have a couch. Yesterday it was me, kyle, angie, the kids and the dog, most of us had to stand or sit on the floor cause theres only 2 chairs. There was another couch, that I had wanted and, it just didn't work out. I was upset, but then something came over me and said "Don't worry about it" and I was fine because I knew and even wrote, something will work out, it always does.............

I was checking my emails yesterday and looked through Cheap Cycle........ They had a couch for sale with a matching Love Seat. They paid 1500 for it a few mos ago, but are moving etc and had to sell it immediatley. I go and look at the pictures. It is the Same couch, that we went to buy in October. Same Color, same pillows etc. I don't know if there were any differences. Even the color was the same. They were selling it for 400 bucks. Exactly what I sold my other couch to my aunt sue for. ( I sold it cause it wouldn't fit in our new house, it was a huge sectional) It has barely been used for 4 mos. I have 200 of it and I call my mom and she lets me borrow the other 200 (thanks mom) and Things worked out exactly like they should. If I am just patient things just work out for me. They always have. So I like being on the side of giving, because it truly, truly comes back in Leaps and Bounds.

Oh My Blogger Friend Jackie, who I LOVE LOVE LOVE knew I was tired and stressed and she sent me a scarf she knitted and the kids some stickers!!!!!!!!! She is such an awesome person and I need to get on the stick and find something special for her cause she's such a sweetie! Thanks Jackie it made my day!!!!!

My aunt Sandy good lucked me and it's working Perfectly! Thanks Auntie Sandy!!!

Everyone come over and sit on my new couch!!!!!!! :o)

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Happy Derby Day!

It's Derby Day here in Louisville KY!!
Usually we go to a Derby party, every year.
This year we are staying home, doing nothing.
By choice of course. I'm so tired, I can barely move. It's 10:24 and I just rolled out of bed. Every weekend for 5 straight months, we haven't been home. Constant go go go. So today we will just sit. I think we may put some burgers on the grill and just sit. My house is clean, so no cleaning, just sitting.
It's going to be hard for me, but I know I can do it!!

Of course since its Derby Day we gotta sing My Old Kentucky Home, so if you drop in and read, sing along

Verse 1:
The sun shines bright in the old Kentucky home
'tis summer, the darkies are gay,
the corn top's ripe and the meadow's in the bloom
while the birds make music all the day.
The young folks roll on the little cabin floor
all merry, all happy, and bright.
By'n by hard times comes a-knocking at the door,
then my old Kentucky home, good night.

Weep no more, my lady,
oh weep no more today.
We will sing on song for the old Kentucky home,
for the old Kentucky home far away.

Verse 2:
They hunt no more for the 'possum and the coon
on meadow, the hill, and the shore.
They sing no more by the glimmer of the moon
on the bench by that old cabin door.
The day goes by like a shadow o'er the heart
with sorrow where all was delight.
The time has come when the darkies have to part
then my old Kentucky home, good night.


Weep no more, my lady,
oh weep no more today.
We will sing on song for the old Kentucky home,
for the old Kentucky home far away.

Verse 3:
The head must bow and the back will have to bend
wherever the darky may go.
A few more days and the trouble all will end
in the field where sugar-canes may grow.
A few more days for to tote the weary load,
no matter, 'twill never be light.
A few more days 'till we totter on the road,
then my old Kentucky home, good night.

Weep no more, my lady,
oh weep no more today.
We will sing on song for the old Kentucky home,
for the old Kentucky home far away.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

People Smeople

I am becoming so intolerant of people it's not even funny.

I had just rejoined Cheapcycle, I was in Freecycle also. Well, My dad had a leather recliner that he gave me, but it would scratch my wooden floor. I decided to Freecycle it. I don't believe in selling stuff that was given to me. So I posted it and a guy emailed me and told me he needed something for his sons room, blah blah and BLAH! Well, I decided to choose him and he came and got it.
He was listing a sofa on Cheapcycle, So I decided to go check it out and see what kind of couch he was listing. Lo and Behold,he was selling the free recliner. That is totally breaking the rules of Freecycle. What a dishonest Jerk.

Nothing suprises me anymore about people. Alot of people ,not all, there are really, really good true and selfless people in this world. But ALOT Of people are like "What can you do for me and what can i get from you" They are takers. What can I take take take take and take from you. I see it all the time. Its a shame. It happens on Freecycle alot, they just want to be the ones to get everything. Everytime I list something, I get the same takers and I wonder if All along they were selling it.

Anywhoo, I have come to realize, Thanks to my Good friend Melody, that I don't have to like certain people, whether it be Freeycle or people in my life. I asked her biblically which is the way to handle things that happen with people. She told me about Jesus getting angry and how people in the bible just Cut people out of their life. So, without feeling Guilt, I am cutting people out of my life. Gonna start with Freecycle guy LOL, Live and learn on that one. Then bigger fish to fry.

Make my life alot more stress free!