Friday, January 02, 2009

Did Ya'll Miss Me =)

Wowsers, been a long, long time since I updated.
I'm so sleepy it probably won't be a good one tonight.
Elmer came in town for 5 days and I have been with him.
We had a very, very nice time.
I was sad it was over and sad it went by so fast.
I'll tell you guys more about our meeting this week.
I got home to a complete and utter mess, so have been cleaning
non stop since i got home. I spent 52 min exactly on the bathroom and then 2 hrs in my room, walked almost 3 miles and about to fall over from exhaustion.
Everything was perfect this week.
Happy Friday Eve
Life is good

1 comment:

No_Newz said...

I did miss you! Sorry you came home to so much work. :( XOXO