Sunday, December 28, 2008


Was sitting at my desk doing absolutely nothing, Kyle decides to start insulting me...... huge blow up ... cops were called and came to calm us down. He needs to leave me alone. He just plain and simple needs to leave me alone. I wasn't even doing anything just sitting here and the insults start coming. I need to move. I hate it here. I smiled at something and he said "oh well you seem to be awful happy" God knows i cry myself to sleep every night almost. I was like what Kyle I smiled will you not be happy til i kill myself? I don't understand.
I was up all night with my tooth, clenching my jaws i broke it.
It hurts bad =(
im sad, and stressed and just want him to leave me alone.
He also needs to stop shouting my business in front of the kids.
Also needs to stop insulting me in front of the kids.
Pisses Juan off and Savannah said she was glad he left.
He's doing his own self in.
Im stressed. Heading to moms to sit in my stupor with my tooth ache til i figure out exactly what it is Im supposed to be doing.
Happy day

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Carie said...

I am so sorry you are going through all of this...

I hate Kyle, I hate that he doesn't man up and do right by you and the kids, I hate that he feels like he has the right to treat you so horrid...I don't know this man, but the hate I feel is strong and real...I wish I lived any where close to you so that I could take you away from all of that, even if just for the day, but more than that I wish I lived there so I could take him on for you...

If you need anything, anything at all just ask, I will do anything and everything I can to help you...I promise.

I hope aside from all of Kyles BS that you and the kids had a good christmas, I saw the pics on your moms blog, they are growing up so fast...what beautiful kids you have :)