Wednesday, December 03, 2008


I can't believe it's already Wednesday. Yesterdays post disappeared. I have another private blog I write in and when you are signed in to which ever blog and I accidentally thought I was in one blog and wasn't was in this blog and the post is gone gone goneeeeeeeee Whoa, basically it said I'm hungry I hate cocoa pebbles, Kyle needs to get food we can all eat.
Today has been so busy, I am just now finding time to sit down at the puter and write. This morning I had to go for my yearly girly check up.. Oh boy! Went well, lost weight Blood pressure was 115/70 which he said was excellent, Iron is at a presentable level.
Then after that I went to Fashion Bug to look around and get myself a couple of need things as I have lost weight a few things are falling off. So I got a couple of items.
Then off to Hancocks for some Fabric...
Then to Mcdonalds for a hamburger patty and an apple.... yum
It was a warm day, well warm for December so I knew I was going to get to walk outside today.
I decided first to go to Walmart and get some groceries which I did, then came home lugged them all in and WENT WALKING!! YAY
Outside. I walked and walked and walked 2.5 miles today. I know tomorrow is supposed to be cold and I'm tired of trying to find solutions to the exercise dilemma so I soaked it up. I feel sooooooooo good.
I'm getting ready to take a breather for a few and then go cook some dinner and then maybe watch a movie or something.
Happy day
Life is good

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