Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Today is better

and its my mommas birthday so Happy Birthday Momma!! =)
I am feeling mentally better. I spent the day yesterday having panic attacks. That is something I hadn't done in awhile, for the most part those are gone. I guess it's all the stress.
I cleaned and just moped all day pretty much and in the evening I got on WoW and Christmas had come!!!!!!!!!!! Every area and every world was decorated all up. Elmer and I spent all evening in Iron Forge... He had a lil char he made into an elf to give out cookies and milk.. You have to give santa cookies and milk and he gives you presents. Since my char Genovie is a tailor I made christmas clothes for a bunch and just over all we had a blast. The people in that game are so funny. I know alot find it hard to understand but it's a blast. Nancy has asked a few times what its like and what do you do on there, so I'm gonna share a few pics.
First is my char Geno she usually has alot more clothes on, well armor LOL but this is her christmas outfit she made.
Here is Santa Claus and he does gift presents YAY!
Here is Elmers Girlie Char LOL!! He has all boy real chars but that's his Christmas Elf. He got hit on all yesterday LOL!
This is my good friend Dan.. The boys get full christmas clothes LOL!!! He went to the barber shop and got his hair lightened and a beard to look like sannie claus
Below is my very, very, very good friend David that's on my face book page. I have known him for a few years. He's dancing with Elmer trying to get some milk and cookies for free ha ha!!
And last but not least is Genovie on her Rudolph Mount =)
Anyways so Christmas in WoW got me out of my funk and today I am better. Having ulcer problems but with all the stress Im lucky its just an ulcer. Happy day to all
the sun is shining

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