Thursday, December 04, 2008


It's Thursday, yet I went through the whole day thinking that it was Friday. Today for the most part is a blur, I don't like this getting dark early stuff. I took Savannah to school, cleaned for a few and went to bed and slept for a long, long time.
Tonight I was trying to decide between WoW and a date with Richard since it got freezing overnight... Wasn't even much of a debate, Richard won out. Wasn't too bad and actually I like the burn of the muscles I dont get to exercise when walking.
My stomach has hurt all day so I have eaten noodles with veggie bullion a few times tonight. That's all I have eaten all day and yet my stomach still hurts. Ah the joys of ulcers. Okay, my boring life!
Happy Thursday
Life is good

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Dr. Deb said...

It is getting too dark so early.

Ulcers are very painful!!!