Monday, June 20, 2005

I got to go to Target I got to go to Target

I walked past the method aisle and sniffed. For those of you who haven't tried Method cleaner Ohhhhhhhh My goodness, you need too. Its like Bath N body works for your home. They have bathroom cleaner that smells like cucumber melon, pink grapefruit for the kitchen, mint glass cleaner and the lavendar floor cleaner. It makes your floor so soft when you walk on it. Its pretty in the containers too. I think i have a linkkkk you HAVE to check it out. Its sold exclusively at Target and Linens n things. You can sometimes find their discontinued scents at big lots. The best part is, is its enviromentally safe and you don't need gloves to use it, and i have asthma and it doesn't make me sick. its awesome!
Heres the link to check it out
Method Cleaner Home
Savannah is feeling better! At Target we for the first time ever saw Annie on DVD for the first time, so we got it for her. She has been singing Tomorrow Tomorrow LOL for 3 she sings it purty good, Shes worn out the vhs tape so that was a blessing! I am off to finish the house and finish laundry have a wonderful day all!


Jackie said...

I have smelled it......but I like to stick to the ones that really smell strong when you I don't forget to do it! (And I really like rubbers when I clean....gloves that is. My family thinks I am crazy for calling them that!)

Love and Hugs,

No_Newz said...

I'm so glad Savannah is doing better! Sorry I missed the last few days! I'm all caught up now and see how it all somehow just works out. Here's to hoping for a wonderful brand new week!
Lois Lane

Cindy said...

I'm glad you got your target fix! I scored 10/10 on trivia just now. I guess I'm feeling really smart. I ran into a former co-worker at summer school today. Her daughter is in the same science class as A-Bomb.<~~that's Joe's nick name for Anthony!
Turns out the science teacher is A's favorite substitute from regular school. This will be a breeze, he even seems excited about it!


oh dianna

i love target!
its the best
smiles/take care
have fun