Thursday, June 02, 2005

I did it!

I got to messin around on my puter
I did it I did it I did it HOORAY
I went to system restore and clicked the button
I did it I did it I did it I did it
I restarted my puter and then click the webpage YAY WOO HOORAY
I did it!
For those of you without small children, thats From Dora LOL and YES i am a geek!! Those who know me know IM A GEEK!!! I make up songs. One of my personal favorites was for Melzie welzie to the tune of Travelin soldier by the Dixie chicks, I made a version of Scrabblin Soldier LOL Im a weirdo :)
Everything looks nice bein back to small. Kyles home from work early, pukin with a migraine. We get those back to back every 3 mos. Why i dunno. But i get mine first and then he follows. We both whackos i guess. We are supposed to go to this cookout thingy. But i dunno if kyle is going to be recovered. Hes layin in the tub. Hopefully hell get better cause i was looking forward to seein the house :) Opie is barkin up a story YAY!!!! :) i would say its music to my ears but its rather loud! OKay i gotta go play scrabble for today. A day without scrabble is like Ronald McDonald without a big mac. Everyone should play!!!! Have a wonderful Thursday evening!

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