Saturday, June 04, 2005


been cleaning most of the day. My side is hurting sigh. Still. I am going to buy me a new puter chair to see if that helps. The one i have now has always hurt my back somewhat so i am gonna see if that helps. The boys had the twins across the street stay all night and alex stay all night and it has been so hectic. I just want some peace n quiet. Savannah ended up going to bed at um about 1 or so then crawled in bed with us periodically all night long, I am pretty beat. I am gonna go clean moms today and go clean eds today and then come home to relax the evening away. I wanna get spanglish on PPV! so we shall see. Okay, gonna run Have a great Saturday everyone!!


Cindy said...

Let me know how Spanlish is, I've been wanting to see it!


i love that movie i want too see it again
the mom and daughter are so pretty in it
you will enjoy
i have pain in my back too
it gets worse as you get older
have a pretty day
smiles deb