Tuesday, June 21, 2005

It's Tuesday

Someone needs to invent a song about Tuesdays if there isn't one already. Something is coming to mind like Good bye Ruby tuesday but that could just be cause Im weird LOL but i think its a song. I didn't sit down for more than an hour yesterday. I kept on top of my house all stinking day, Laundry is all done and now i am makin my way back to you babeeeeeeeee LOL really makin my way to blankets. Kitchen is still clean n sparkly. I might take a pic later so you can see it bein all shiny n stuff. I worked out at the Y last night. We didn't both go because even though savannah is better, I don't know how long she would be contagious for, so kyle stayed home with her and i worked out. I think its a bad idea working at night because i cant fall asleep. I stayed up watching disc 2 of scrubs. Man that show cracks me up so freaking much, i just laid there and laughed while Kyle snored. I kept sticking vienna sausages in his belly button and tryed to coax the dog to come get them LOL. I am meannnnnnnnnn some times, well maybe not mean just bored. The boys stayed all night across the street. Theres a set of triplets, Nicky, david and their sister tisha and then a big sister, well juan likes tisha and anthony likes the big sister, so i am nervous about letting them stay over there. But they said their mom stays up with them all. I hope so. But they did take their x box so hopefully the boys were all in there playin video games. I hate the girl stage coming up. I mean anthony will be 14 in a month or so. Thats like when they start goin buckoo for girls. I am dreading it. With a capital Dread. Girls already call Juan like crazy. He has his bangs bleached and over the winter i let it grow out and the honeys as he calls them quit calling. but as soon as spring came and I did the bangs, the honeys call off the hook. Sigh. Well i guess id better go, savannah is asleep, i think ill take the opportunity and go back to sleep myself. Im tarred. Have a great Ruby Tuesday everyone!


Cindy said...

It's most definitely a song! My Anthony will be 15 in August, and there are two giggly girls calling here now. Most of the names on his buddy list are female. But nothing serious yet, thank God

Angel said...

Ruby tuesday is a resturant too! I never ate there. But I sure would like to try it!!!!

No_Newz said...

If nothing else, I wanna see a picture of Kyle's bellybutton and the dog having a snack. Too funny!
Lois Lane

Jackie said...

I can't believe you did that with the sausages! FUNNY!
I am so glad I don't have to worry about the "dating" thing yet! I just PRAY my kiddos aren't into the opposite sex until they are 30 or 40 lol.

Love and Hugs,