Friday, June 03, 2005

Friday, it's friday!!

We just got up and its almost 10, i woke up earlier to take my pill then went back to bed and just got up. We gotta be at chiro soon and i need to go to guess where? keep guessing, begins with a T hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm where am i going? Target of course :) Theres a million reasons, in a single store. Wait, thats Meijers, but I don't go there much. Target is my home. I almost have kyles fathers day shopping finished. Our Lawnmower broke and he said he didn't want a new one, I am thinking we really need a freaking lawnmower since summer just began. Well it hasn't began yet but will shortly. There is a bad email virus going around, saying Osama was captured and shows pics etc, its a virus, so if you get this email don't open it. This message was a public service announcement brought to you by Nannabird LOL i am doing virus check n stuff on my puter so i can pay my bills on line. I got billssssss their multiplyin and Im losin controllll. YES EVERYTHING can be made a song :) Well, I guess I am off to do something somewhere. It was Nannabird, in the fast lane with Mrs. White LOL Ah clue gotta love it. My boys don't like it anymore though. I really am gonna pay bills, then chiro, then the big T :) I am sure Ill write later cause ill be bored, i am sure. Have a great Fridayyyyyy Fridayyyyyy Fridayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :)


Cindy said...

Hey Dianna,
The neck is better today, finally! Cookies turned out ok, I wasn't that impressed with them, but they will get Anthony 10 bonus points, which he desperately needs!
I just had a visit from an old friend, that's always nice!
Have a great day!!

Kimberly said...

Hi Dianna:

Thanks for the information. I had never heard of that before. You'd think that an Infertility Specialist might do a simple test like that just to rule it out. Go figure. You can bet I'll look into it. Thanks so much! Kimberly