Saturday, June 11, 2005


Been busy today, i am already tired. I woke up LOL that took alot of effort. Then went to clean my moms, we are having a baby shower for my country cousin tomorrow so i had to scrub real good, then i had to go to factory party card outlet and it was hot in there and ugh some bratty kid threw a baseball and hit juan upside the head. Torked me off. I am getting ready to go clean my uncles and feed him and then go to get my momma and do a lil more shopping for the shower! thanks for all the kind words from you guys. You all are awesome! Have a great weekend Everyone!


Jackie said...

Hope the shower goes well.......if not just turn the hose on them! (Amilia Bedelia book!)

Love and Hugs,

Cindy said...

Baby showers are fun! Anthony is in the big brother/big sister program. His big brother and his wife just found out they are adopting a soon to be born baby boy!

Nancy said...

I have panic attacks myself. My husband asks, why? I say, If I knew that, maybe I could fix it.
Have had them for years. Sucks.
Sorry for you.
I have seen your name on comment sections I have also commented on and thought I would just say, Hey!
I hope you have a great weekend too!

Nancy Epstein


wow, dianna

you need some rest and relax time
you relly care for others a lot
that is kind
i love baby showers
the snacks and all hee hee
and the babys are cute
till they start sassing right?
and that comes up quick
sunday , dianna will have some fun time i hope
take care smiles debbie

Melzie said...

Hi Di :) You have nice people commenting on your blog no one even reads mine ROFL. Maybe I should rename mine MELZIE FROM A FLOWERED PURSE roflmbo. I cant waitttttttt to get my gift more to prove you wont be dead than to get it :) silly girl trix are for kids. I'm fiending away for some scrabble and you are no where to be found wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.