Wednesday, April 02, 2008

My visit with Dorothy Ann

Last night I was sound asleep and had a dream...Dorothy Ann my aunt came to visit me. At first I was scared because she was moving chairs but there was no person. The phone started ringing and her body appeared and she answered the phone. After she hung up she came over to Savannah and said "Well, it's about time you came to visit me" Her hair was up in rollers and she had on this pink like houserobe I guess and she sat in this wooden rocking chair. We started talking about everything and she said she wanted to give me a hug so she comes over and I'm in that state where I'm dreaming and half awake and I feel super cold and heavy and I am trying to wake up. I wake up and fall directly back to sleep and pick up at the same part of the dream. She said "Dianna do me a favor you call the family over while I go and get Polly from down the road" I asked why I needed to call them and she smiled and said "I call them all the time, that's what the dead silence is. They can hear you better than they can me." So I call everyone and here comes Dorothy Ann up the road with Polly and polly looked exactly the same. Was weird. The family gets there and she said I don't want to alarm them so tell them that I am here... So I take everyone into a room and tell them. They all don't believe and then Dorothy comes (you can see her but she is see through) and they all start hugging and laughing. Everyone is catching up on old times and she said she needed to make sure everyone was okay and needed to answer a question of Michaels. So she walks over and starts talking to Michael and they both are crying and crying and everyone in the room starts crying..... She visited a bit more and looked at Jeanette and said "When the chair moves it's me" she told Polly they had a sunrise to catch and we all watched from a porch as they walked down the road..............Was totally weird but in a way very comforting. Every member of our living family was there and her voice was teh same, her looks were the same. Was so comforting and almost like we had a real family visit. So to my family did any of you have the same dream? Did we visit?? Was very cool!!!


Bigbluemike said...

Sounds as if you were truly touched by an angel. I haven't had a dream or experience like that, however I can tell you that I do feel as if mom still guides me down the right path. I can only hope to have a visit like yours and I also hope she brings Polly along as well.

the curl said...

One of the best hugs I ever received was from Dorothy Ann. It was when Mother was dying and I was sitting there alone and she came over and gave me the biggest hug. I miss her, going to the country. Her and Mary Lee are the hugging sisters, me glo, and sandy are less of huggers. What a cool dream! Thanks for sharing it.