Tuesday, April 08, 2008

There's a new 6 year old in town!!



the curl said...

Happy Birthday Savannah, if she remains that pretty and cute in 10 more years, look out!! She's as sweet as she is cute!!!


Great Auntie Curl

Shanda said...

Diana, I found you thru melzie. Hope savannah had a beautiful birthday. I just wanted to let you know something now that I know I'm sopossed to be leaving a comment when I go blog hopping.
The picture's you took in the cemetary were facinating to see. I took my computer to work and showed several people. I have never been so moved by a grave marker as the ones you took that day. If you ever go back, please promise me that you will take more of the little girl on the swing being held by god. I would love to see the back of the monumont and see the words . Or if you know the story on this child as to why the poor little baby is there anyway. Just sad and curious. Hope you start having lots better luck. I was tested for celic this year, but so far they haven't found anything yet. see ya

for_the_lonely said...

Oh Savannah!!!!!! Happy Birthday sweetie pie! OMG, Di, she just gets cuter by the day! Beautiful! :)

SassyFemme said...

That child is simply beautiful.

It looks like she had a good birthday, yeah!

Carie said...

Savannah is absolutly gorgeous :) wow she is getting so big so fast...I see so much of you in her, especially in the smile (all the pics I have seen)

I hope her birthday was amazing and I hope you got to relax and just enjoy it all