Tuesday, September 09, 2008


Haven't updated in awhile. O.o
Not too, too much happening. The other day a bat was stuck on the back of my car during day light. Freaked me out pretty badly. Gross. I have pics, I'll have to post. Juan has been doing really well at going to school. Grades are really good. Anthony I haven't seen him bring a book home yet, so we shall see how he is doing. Savannah doesn't like school much. Yesterday she went to school all day, got home at 4:45, had to be whisked off to dance at 5, came home about 7:30, Kyle was trying to help her with her homework and she just sat out there crying. She was so tired. I got mad and said she could do it in the morning. No need in having her cry. She hit the pillow and fell asleep.
My iron is way, way low. Boy, I feel it. I made the grand error of running out of iron and couldn't get any til recently. Oof and oof is it low. I can't describe it, it's like I can't breathe, if I get up to walk my muscles ache and the biggest indicator, bad leg cramps at night. I got some a couple weeks ago and have been double dosing but it takes 6 weeks. I need my energy back and really have to make an effort to keep iron.
Other than that stuff, nothing to report.
Happy Tuesday!

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