Sunday, May 15, 2005

Merry Sunday!!

I am just awaiting my mondays. UGH, I Hate them. Today was okay, woke up at 9:30 to a knocking at the door. The boy across the street said, Just warning you kayla is going to beat up anthony at 10 @@ i was like oh well we are leaving shell have to wait. So we got home just a bit ago and they are swarming like insects to see this fight. I got news for em, its not gonna happen. My boys are officially inside. They are mad at me but i am not going to contribute to that crap. So theyll stay in til she gets over her lil whim. Funny thing is is my boys don't talk to her and noone in the neighborhood really likes her. So she picks people to beat up to make friends. Anthony is a big target cause the girl Casey across the side street hates him. So she thinks its all shits n giggles to laugh at the prospect of anthony getting beat up. UGH the drama. We are moving soooooooooooo far away from here and I am sooooooooo excited. UGH on the long wait though. I am exhausted. Had dreams last night. I woke up sad. Kyle got mad at me cause he couldn't control my dream i guess. Cause he wasn't in it, he gets upset @@. ill try @@ to make him @@ appear in my dreams Well i should go cause since we were gone all day my house is a wreck and i gotta clean it. At least i got my moms finished and sues done and eds done YAYYYYYYYYYY :) Maddie has a full long week here, so i am sure that will be fun. OKay have a great evening all!

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No_Newz said...

Sounds like things are totally insane over there. I wouldn't make the kids stay inside. I'd go outside with them. And you should call the police if she hits or threatens any of them. Eventually they will get tired of calls about her and will do something. It is after all their job to serve and protect.
By the way, if you go into edit posts, choose this one, remove some of the @@@@@@s everything will move back up to the top of your template.
Lois Lane