Wednesday, May 04, 2005

back to some Ghost/angel stories....

I wanna hear some of yours too!! I Love hearing these things. We moved into this house when i was about 16 or so. Before we lived there it had belonged to an old lady named Essie, i cant remember if she was dead when we moved in or died after we moved in but she was in that house. Things would happen like our dog Ollie would start barking furiously at the ceiling and there was nothing there ever. Thats when we started thinking what the heck is with him barking at the ceiling. I think Essie lived upstairs because nothing ever happened downstairs. But Brett before he got sick and died was laying upstairs he got super cold and said Essie had laid on top of him. He was really freaked out by it. Then my brother who didn't even believe in ghosts was upstairs sitting and Essie walked right by him, so he slept in the basement. My mom she had a few run ins with essie, one night i was downstairs and she said "what do you want" i was like i didn't say anything and she was for sure i did because someone hollered "mom" but it wasn't me. Her boyfriend heard it too. Also one night they kept hearing books sliding across the floors upstairs, I come home from work and my mom has bowling balls and brooms blocking the doors because she heard stuff up there. I was like ummmmmmmm its a ghost, she can walk through walls LOL the bowling balls wont do anything. It wasa really really scary in that house. Now after Brett died we have had several things happen.
I had just gotten married and my mom was keeping my son anthony who at the time had just turned 3, I had m oved out 3 days prior to this. My son was in the living room and looked scared and said "all these kids comin to get me" and my mom was like "what kids" he said "the kids they coming to get me" I decide to go back in the kitchen to get some tea and the whole entired cabinent area was on fire. Scared the crap outta me and the whole house burned down. Had we still lived there and bee in that back room, we wouldve never made it out. I wonder if the kids were angels coming to get him.
Brett run ins are always my favorites. Only one scared me. I was asleep and i felt that feeling where it feels like something is on top of you and you can't get up, well i felt that and i remember pinching and pinching my leg to try to wake up but i couldnt get up. Someone told me that was a spirit sitting on me. Well after i get my feeling back i see Brett, he was pale white and was dressed all in black, like the angels you see on city of angels. He was wearing a black rev. alden hat and black clothes and i remember saying Brett is that you. Then he went into anthonys room. Anthony always talks in his sleep. He says he sees goofy in his room. Not now that hes older but he talks in his sleep and sleep walks and does weird stuff. So it wouldnt suprise me if he wasn't seeing his daddy.
The last brett story for now, is in my archives i do believe but ill type up a quick synopsis then i gotta go. Ill get the story of kyles aunts ho use too, she has a ghost living there. A woman who was murdered in the house she lives in, still lives there. It totally creeps me out that story and ill try to post it. But anyways i was feeling really really bad, achey every day and never feeling well. I cried all the time. One night i was half asleep and half awake it was in the morning and i felt something COLD on my arm and it felt like it was asleep but wasn't. Then i heard a voice tell me "you need to go to the dr" and i was like what, then he said " i tried to go through kyle but couldn't, you need to go to the dr. I toyed all day with should i go or should i not, i decided being a anxiety attack woman i had better go so i went and my dr tested me for celiacs disease, a test he had only run twice the whole time hed been there the 2cd one being me. How he knew to run that test that day was beyond me, but it came back 3 weeks later positive. The disease can lead to Non hodgkins lymphoma, autoimmune hepatitis, all sorts of bad things. It was weird the way he came to me and told me that. I truly believe in angels and ghosts!! okay i wanna hear some of your stories!!

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No_Newz said...

See "True Terror" March 10 and 11 and two parter and see the March 12 post "Look Alike" n my blog. There's been more but I am not really ready to write those just yet. :) Thanks a bunch for coming back today and writing more. Very interesting and good reading!
Lois Lane