Monday, May 02, 2005

Monday After noon

well my bad mondays still seem to come.... nothing has gone right today. Live n learn then get luvs LOL for someone who doesn't watch tv i sure have those commercials downpat. I am supposed to go to the bedrace this afternoon and i don't wanna go. Its crowded and noisy and kyle told me there will be strobe lights on their bed. This made me not wanna go. Those flashing lights would give me a migraine quicker than snot and now i don't wanna go. I also don't wanna hurt his feelings. Tappy tappy tappy i dunno what to do. When i was going through stuff for the yardsale i found some old writings I did back in high school and when i lived in the shelter. In art class we had to paint a picture with words LOL this one is mine. I sure do loveeeeeeeeeeee that ocean LOL here it is

The onset of a new day, seeing the orange tint fill the sky.
Hearing the waves as they crash upon the shore.
Feeling the wind on my face.
As the black leaves the sky and the orange becomes a predominant fixture, hints of blue appear as if the sky is blending its colors to create a masterpiece.
The wind picks up and I can feel grains of sand as they are carried upon a breeze on their way.
They sting a little, when they are going by and I am in their path. I brush them off back into the wind and watch them go out of my sight. Back to their resting place on the shore, maybe to wash into the ocean or maybe to be carried off in someones bucket. Whatever the course, it is their destiny.
I take a deep breath and catch a smell of ocean air. It smells of salt, fish and a hint of coconut tanning oil.
The orange in the sky has now blended to become a yellow ball rising in the sky as if it has an invisible string attached and someone is pulling it up slowly to hang.
The black is now gone, now replaced with all blue and yellow. Even the orange has faded. An occasional gust of wind pushes a fluffy white cloud into the sky.
It's as if someone is behind the clouds painting a picture that we can see. It changes every second and every second becomes more beautiful than the next.
People are now trickling on to the beach.
The quiet fades. The deep blue of the ocean now becomes flecked with spots of red and blue suits and white and brown faces.
I put my feet in the sand now becoming warm from the sun glowing upon it. I walk away. The sound of the crashing waves diminshes every step further away I get.
I shall come back in the evening, once more to watch the black reappear and see the orange glow fill the sky. I shall see the artist take the black and sprinkle it with beautiful stars, one by one appearing in the sky. I shall hear the waves again by the peace of night.
I shall see two skies one way up and the other just a reflection of the bigger.
They both shall be beautiful and I shall watch all night as the painting in the sky changes, until morning when I can again see the blue the orange, yellow and white enter into my day. So it can be filled with peace.

LOL makes me wannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn goooooo go gooooooooooooooo to the ocean. Next year Ill be there!! or next year ill be here writing that next year ill be there. Did any of this make any sense? Ill post a couple more of my poems in another entry.

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Cindy said...

My Monday consisted of almost hitting a deer, and then two hours later almost hitting a squirrel.
I'm staying home for the rest of the day.