Friday, May 27, 2005

Mommy Sumpins Wrong here

Okay i now know the reason i was anxious in Target, it was an aura to a full blown stupid migraine. I decide i wanna take a lil nap. So I get out a box of never played with (by her) polly pockets. I bought them from Kyles sister. I check them all out. I am not too hip on little girl toys, i have always had little boy toys. So i check em out and okay they are good enough. I lecture about not putting any of them in the mouth and set them on the floor to play. I get into slumber land and awake just for a moment to hear, ooooooooooooooooooo makeup. I think okay must be a lil fake tube of lipstick or eyeshawdow for lil polly pocket. When a 3 year old girl says she has make up, I Need to make a mental note to WAKE UP!!!! So there i am back to sleep and a few min later wake up to a slight tapping on my forehead. "mommy mommy wake up sumpins wrong here" I at first tell her I am tryin to take a nap and then she says again "sumpins wrong here" I open my eyes to this
LMAO i was laughing so hard the picture isn't in focus. Damn those hidden compartments. Turns out one of these innocent lil polly pockets was a stamp factory. Here's my lil love using it properly instead of painting her face.
LOL just the way she said "mommy sumpins wrong here" i am still laughing so hard. BUt ugh my head. So i am gonna go back to sleep and before i do so i will check polly over n over again.


Cindy said...

Too darn cute!

No_Newz said...

How sweeeeeet! A Kodak moment, this mama didn't miss! Great job!
Lois Lane