Saturday, May 21, 2005

Cryin Cryin Cryin

Puppy just left :( I cried all evening. I don't like to cry in front of others and made my escape to the bathroom to have a good cry out. In there I prayed and prayed and prayed to God that someone take this puppy quickly and that it be a good good home. I want him to have a family of his own. Well, I don't read my bible much. I don't understand it and I just don't have the time to read it. Awful to say, I don't practice religion as i should. But I wanted a hint of hope from God that this puppy was going to be okay. I picked up my bible and turned to page 11 and it was the story of Noah, I just laughed and smiled and knew that was my lil hint because the place is is going is called the ARK foundation. It made me feel alot better, but still doesn't take away the tears of missing him. My son i do believe is in his room crying as i type. He asked, Please momma can we keep him. In which i replied the standard "No honey we cannot" If we lived in a home of our own, i would. But we rent and can have just one dog. He loves animals just like I do. I have loved animals since i was a little girl. I think one reason, i was picked on and made fun of my whole life growing up. Dogs don't make fun of you, Dogs dont laugh at you, Dogs just love you. Its almost like they can see whats inside of you like the outside shell doesnt matter to them, as long as you love them. Dogs are a very good judge of character. My Opie, is a loving dog, the one person he barks at religiously is Kayla the mean girl. He rarely barks at any of the kids. But when she walks by, its an evil bark, letting her know, I don't like you. So dogs know. And with that being said, I am sad today. I will be sad for a few days and hope that this change for lil puppy is a good one and no one else decides to throw him off a back of a truck. He needs hugs and love and just all around good things. Hes a sweetie. Hope everyones Saturday is a good one!

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Cindy said...

He'll be adopted in no time. He's too cute not to. I watched The Thronbirds yesterday, after driving all over town looking for poster board, going to the library and getting A's pain meds filled. I got stood up, my truck driver friend called around 9 am and said he would be over some time in the afternoon. About 5 minutes after A asked me is Mark coming or what, the phone least he called. Hoping for his visit today.
We have lots of catching up to do, old Mark and I.