Monday, May 16, 2005


wahh my stomach is killing me. I dunno if its from stress or just a virus or something. Either way it hurts :( its a neverending saga with the girl across the street. We were sitting on the porch talking to the girl i babysits mom. Well she was leaving and getting in her car and the girl just launched a freaking 44 oz soda at maddies mom. She doesnt even know her, so why would she do that??? UGH i am just majorly torked off :( I dunno what to do cause i can't do this all summer long. Okay I gotta go, i feel like crap and gonna go to bed if i can fall asleep. Have a great night all.


Cindy said...

Ok, here's my two cents on the kid from HELL across the street. Call the police and report her for every thing she does. You, your kids, and your guests should not have to put up with this shit. If the kid wants a war, give it to her. I still think you should report all of this to child protective services. It's obvious that her parents either don't know or don't care what this kid soes.

A Flowered Purse said...

well they are afraid of her cause she calls CPS and makes the dad move. She got mad at the dad the other day and took his expensive CD player and threw it out in the street and broke it. They immediatley took her out and bought her a really nice CD player since she couldnt use her dads cause it was broken. I bet they got some serious drugs going on over there and the daughter threatens them with it. Cause they do nothing to her.

Cindy said...

That's a good enough reason to start reporting all of them to the authorities. Have you approached the parents at all? If you're not willing to speak to them, let the cops and protective services deal with it. You shouldn't have to have your children threatened. Even if nobody does anything, at least you will have documented complaints.

No_Newz said...

Sorry you feel like crap!
About this kid, you know she has issues and so do her parents, if you don't call the cops and tell all the crap that's going on, you need to talk to the kid yourself. Win her over, be nice to her and find out why she is so angry. If nothing else, you might make a lost kid feel loved. I know it will be hard, been there, done that, but the fact remains, kids don't act out for no reason. She is looking for attention any way she can get it. (I'm not condoning, just trying to understand.)
Lois Lane