Monday, May 30, 2005

Monday, Monday

na na na na na na na! Well, not much going on today. Kyles all somber he wont say why but i know its because we didn't go to his aunts cook out in Nashville. That is way outside my comfort zone, i have to take care of eddie, i ran all weekend and i just wanted to stay home. I feel bad, i really really do feel bad about it. But every weekend all weekend, we run and go go go, never home. I am tired as hell. i told him he couldve gone, but he didnt want to without me. Sigh. i am doing my best not to feel guilty. I also have a migraine today. :( I dunno whats with that. I have had a few this week. Maybe its the same one just coming and going. Kyles gonna make some chimmy changas again today, the meat has been cooking all day and my house smells sooooooooooooo good. YAY :) I gotta go take care of ed and clean his house then i am in for the rest of the night to just relax. Hope everyone is having a great Memorial Day!

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Cindy said...

My Monday has been dull as well, still working on the laundry. Two people don't have that much laundry, my dryer has to go through 3 cycles for the clothes to actually get dry!
We had no Memorial Day plans, which is fine by me. I layed down on the couch and accidentally fell asleep, missing all of OLTL and GH. I hate when that happens. I must have needed the nap though.
Don't feel guilty for WANTING to stay home. Kyle will just have to get over it!