Thursday, May 12, 2005

cryin cryin cryin

the humane society wont take the lil puppy doggie cause hes part pit bull. This truly truly breaks my heart because hes going to be sent to the kill shelter and they won't adopt him out because hes pit bull mix. Hes so friendly and when i get out of the car he just wags his lil tail, hes sooooooooooo sweet. UGH i wish we had a house so we can keep him :( THe thought of him going through those day cages and if no one claims him being put to sleep just breaks my heart :( i wish i had stinkin money to keep him or pay the money to have a shelter take him. Poor doggie. Life is so unfair for them and that stupid jerks who threw him off the truck. He cowers when you raise your hand. It makes me sad to think his lil life has just begun and hes gonna have to be killed. Hell never have a family of his own. Ugh i gotta quit i am so upset. Pray this puppy doggie finds a home :( Hes sooo cute

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Stacey said...

Ugh I am such an animal lover, I feel for you. I hope that everything works out. Is there a pit bull rescue near you? Just a thought, hope you have a good evening.