Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Took My baby to the vet

Well my lil puppy doggie couldn't bend over to get to his food, so we took him to the vet. These vets are the best in Louisville, its a family and they are Wonderful and they are cheap and with that comes CROWDED! There was a 2 hr wait just to be seen. We met a man who had driven up from owensborough, said he wont take his dogs anywhere else and one from meade county. it was fun talking to everyone and seeing all the dogs but ugh the wait. About an hour into the wait, i am thinking, how in the hell am i going to do this. Kids were being wild, dogs everywhere, and I am panicky as hell. I start to consider leaving at this point but thought if it was my kids i wouldnt leave. So i stayed and just when i got really discouraged and worried, I look up and in comes Kyle. Total suprise. He doesn't take off work for anything and in he came cause he said he knew Id be having a hard time. I was in complete and total shock. That was soooooooooooooo nice I couldnt believe he did that. It was a wonderful suprise. Wonderful. As for Opie, well they don't really know whats wrong with him. Maybe a pinched nerve in his neck, they just don't know. So they gave him 2 shots cortisone and um a pain medicine. Gave him pills to take etc and the whole visit 39 dollars. I mean that is AWESOME!! I hope he gets better soon. He is just laying there like hes in deep space 9 or something. Hes outta there. Not sleeping but not moving. ill snap a pic of him and it will be at the bottom. He just looked at me like "witch, why you takin my picture" lol he can't jump or anything and our bed is super high off the ground. So i am gonna see if kyle will pull the mattress off the bed and bring it in the living room so he can still sleep with us. I dunno what else to do. Okay heres my lovey

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Melzie said...

aw dere's my widdle wuvey puppy poopoo wuvs him wike a sisser poo smoochie smoochie my puppy wuppy poo.

Where'd you get the quilt Dizie LOL its purty.