Friday, May 20, 2005

Its Fridayyyyyyyy I lived I lived I lived

No tornados got me! YAY! But i was still scared. Wahh! Auntie Em, Uncle Henry you won't let them take toto will you LOL. With the dog next door i have reached a level of frustration where i am going to have to just detach myself. I have done everything for this puppy and got the name and number of the place, i have emailed and called til i am blue in the face for this puppy. I took them over all the info last night, even offered to pay the fees, buttttttttttttt they will NOT give me an answer. This poor dog it was POURING down rain and lightning and thundering and all the crap and they let him in the garage for awhile while he worked out there and then they freaking threw him out in the rain. UGHHHHHHHHHHHH who does this. I took him over a ton of food but he ate it all and now they are just feeding him ham scraps. So i guess ill take more of my food over to give it to them. I dont understand why they just wont let me take this dog to the shelter i found for him. I mean answer me do something. UGH but its making me sad. He just whines and whines hes on a 5 ft rope cant go anywhere no shade nothing its bugging the living piss out of me. So i have agreed that if i don't hear from them by sunday i am bowing out. The shelter can't hold his spot forever and I am just going to have to. We have paid for everything and thats not fair for us. I just feel for the dog and feel enormous guilt but don't know what else to do. We can't continue to provide for him if he is going ot be their pet. That should be their responsibility not ours. I just don't know what to do but fear i am going to have whatever happens happen, its stressing me entirely too much. I was gonna do a Photo Friday but haven't felt like taking pics today. Maybe later. Okay have a great weekend all!

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Angel said...

You have such a good heart! Thats being way to nice for that dog. At least if had you to give him food! Want to come and take care of my doggies. lol They need a new mommie! They r driving me nuts! Pinto is scared of all this bad weather we had. I took a nap yesterday and when i woke up he was a sleep right next to me. He is not allowed on furniture! Love ya, Angel