Friday, May 20, 2005

Back from Target

the ajax dish soap was on sale for 1.40 for big bottles! what a blessing so i got 7 and got 3 things of bleach, 2 stainless steel water food bowls, some food and I packed a bunch of old blankets. I will say as relieved i am that he will be taken care of, my heart is broken because i will miss the lil love. Always wagging his tail and i swear that dog smiles at me. I am putting a pic of him up here. So I have my photo friday. I named him Puddles. Pray pray pray he finds a home soon. I am donating 50 bucks and will send the rest of the 100 when i do a haircut or clean a house and just send what i can when i can. I told Jay if i win the lottery i will send a whole lot. Okay heres puddles the lil lovey and pray and pray someone takes lil puddles. if you look closely you can see his different color eyes!



Cindy said...

Good morning Di,
From this picture, I think Puddles has a chance to be adopted very soon. It's obvious he's a sweetie, he just needs a good family to treat him right! Good luck to you Puddles!

A Flowered Purse said...

Awwwwwww thanks so much! He is a true sweetie!! you know I will keep you updated!!!

maceydoo said...

Oh he is such a sweetie!!!! I love dogs!! Do you work in dog rescue?