Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Could it be that Monday is really over????????????? Well, it was one of those nights. My head pounded all night long. I worried about the dog all night long. This morning he woke up and wouldnt get off the bed cause of his foot. Picture my butt picking up 100lb dog to get him off a bed that sits way high up. We have a pillow top mattress and for some reason they sit VERYYYYYYYYYYY high up. Poor lil lovie. I don't get paid til tomorrow, so we have to wait to take him to the vets. He did just get up and bark YAYYYYYYYYYYYYY :) I think i am not leaving my house today. I need to finish cleaning. I may. Or I may not. I may just sit on my rear playing scrabble all day!! Me N my Internet mommy friend play scrabble ALOT! she has came here to visit me a couple times and we played REAL scrabble with a REAL board :) MELZIEEEEEEEEE come back soon. Actually its my turn to come to see you!! Can i have your new extra room LOL :) We play at Games.com Its fun there but since they changed it you get crappy letters more often. Dang Q i exchanged it and in the same exchange i got it back! Scrabble the game for champions LOL Okay not much else has happened since last night, i will have to tell you though. I laughed soooooooooooooooooooooo freaking hard yesterday. You know those cut off shirts that people used to make in the 80s the men used to wear them and the women used to like tie them up to have a boob hanging on each side of the knot. Well, Oh lordy, i was making dust rags and as a joke had My son Juan wear one LMAO Ohhhhh the flashbacks that brought, so then tee hee I have kyle put one on. Well lets just say it didn't cover his man boobs and I laughed so hard I had tears coming out of my eyes and couldn't catch my breath. Nothing like laughing at the expense of others. Shame on me LOL all he lacked was a box of marlboro rolled up in the sleeves!!
Have a great Tuesday!

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Melzie said...

Oh man I want to see Kyle with the rolled up shirt LOL make him do it for a pic for his melzie. Hope mr opus feels better soon :( xoxo and come scrabble I am reduced to scrabblin with strangggggers.