Thursday, May 26, 2005

Is it Monday?

If it walks like a Monday and it talks like a Monday then it really can't be Thursday. It feels Mondayish and again stupid lottery balls didn't give me my millions. Well, at least i am not alone. No one won it. Anxiety has been kicking my butt. I am having lil panic attacks right now. Go awayyyyyy you lil buggers. I Just don't feel well i guess. I am tired, allergies are bad, Im tired, I need to take a bath, im tired LOL. I can't take a shower cause savannah will scream and throw stuff in the tub the whole time, so i will wait til kyle gets home. I am stressed cause kids are in and out in and out, Im hungry mom. I had to clean my aunts all day. Cleaning an already clean house is easy but man all the rooms she has. I have a thing when i clean a house if the room is done i shut the door after its been inspected by me so i know that i dont have to go back in there. Well i shut so many damn doors and still had stuff to do. I was like holy hell does it end. Her house didn't even have a speck of dust in it but i cleaned it. I then came home and cleaned my kitchen. I just haven't the energy to do the rest. My stomach kinda hurts. Stress. Kyles aunt is having a cookout down in nashville, its 2 hrs to get down there it starts at 2 and then 2 hrs to get home and i have eddies at 5 so he is upset i dont want to go. Its pointless to me. YAY savannah is asleep that means free bath time YAY BBL

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Cindy said...

You had me going for a minute, I almost believed that it was in fact Monday. It felt that way here too. I think it might have been all the cleaning!