Friday, May 27, 2005

Photo Friday and MADAGASCAR


Okay, My daughter is in love with Madagascar and we have not yet seen the movie. We are supposed to go tomorrow and i use that term very loosely. I told Savannah is she behaved last night and went to sleep we would take her Madagas car shopping. So first stop Target, I walked in and instantly felt panic attacky so we didn't stay long because i don't want to have a panic attack in my favorite place cause if i do ill start associating panic with there etc. So i let her pick out a shirt and short set and we left. Then we went to Payless for the shoes, they had the BOGO sale and i was going to get her both the sneakers and the sandals but she insisted that Maddie have a pair like hers and when she said that Maddie started jumping up and down, i can't tell that lil sugar pea no, so i got her a pair too. So needless to say they light up and from the pic above it actually sounds like those animals are in my house, Jumping Jumping and more jumping. Savannah has her new outfit on too!! We are planning on going tomorrow. Movies are one of my avoidance places. Last movie i saw was Shrek 2 and it was like pulling teeth to get through it and that was the first movie theater i had been to in 9 years. I went once in 97 or 98 for a bugs life but had a panic attack in the first 30 minutes and left. Kyle stayed with the kids and i left. So we shall see about tomorrow. i just hope and pray that i make it through it. Okay thats about it. I think i am in for the day and Ill let you know if i go tomorrow! Have a great weekend all!

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