Monday, March 05, 2007

I want some boring

I'm tired and I want some boringness.
Anthony was at an all day chess match saturday, comes home, goes directly to bed. The next day is sicker than a dog, fever, achey and feels like he's going to pass out.
Took him to the dr today, he has the flu. UGH.
I dont feel to good myself as the day goes on. Im worn out.
Just really worn out.
I want a boring week, with no sickness, No root canals, no sick kids.
I just want boring.
I read my cousins blog, its to the right, My cousin Jeanette and she couldn't of described any better the process of the dentist. I read hers and was a perfect account of how my trip went!
Im glad I am not alone in my hatred for dentists.
Hopefully Thursday goes better. I know what to expect. I know to prepare for a day just to be out of it.
My mom and step dad came over for dinner. My doggie Claire, for some reason, isn't to keen on my mom. Everytime she sees her, my mom scares the pee out of her. Literally. She only pees when she sees my mom. Yesterday, she rolled over when my mom tried to pet her and up in the air like a geiser she peed all over herself.
Momma be nice to my puppy LOL
Have a great Monday, hope the sick germs leave everyone soon

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