Thursday, March 08, 2007

Home from the dentist

Again. Man, I don't know which appt was worse to be honest. I was doing fine until they had to cord my tooth. All i can say, is they take stringy wirey stuff wrap it around your tooth and shove it up into your gums until it magically disappears I guess. That felt like nothing I had ever felt. Mannnnnnn oh mannnnnn super painful. Anyways, Im done I have the temporary crown, its gold none the less.
Woo wee on that one. I look super funky and hip LOL
I didn't need as much carbocaine. I am very worn out emotionally. Im tired and Im still worried. Worrying if Ill get an infection or something. @@
Thats part of anxiety disorder. I know some people get heart infections after dental work. Ive never been told to take antibiotics, but naturally I worry. My mind would be bored without worry.
I started reading a new book. Its called battlefield of the mind by joyce meyer. It helps you to change your thoughts. It's extremely hard to change your thoughts.
I try and I try. I guess my thoughts didnt get bad overnight, so they aren't going to magically get better overnight. All I can do is pray and try.
I have spent so much of my life worrying and alot of it has been for nothing.
Okay happy Thursday. Pray I get no infections.
Gold tooth- Hip Cording wire- BADDDDD


for_the_lonely said...

Hiya Di!!!
Owie, it sounds like your tooth hurt bad! I can only imagine!
Savannah looked so damn cute at the dentist office! And her dentist looks like she was super nice too! That's great!!

Here's to sunny days, and tornado-free weather! :)

Love ya,

frannie said...

Oh that does not sound fun. I would've been in instant panic. I know what you mean about changing your thoughts....that's got to be the hardest part. I keep getting told to imagine a stop sign when my thoughts go awry! Good luck with that! lol... and I hope you don't get any infections.