Monday, April 19, 2010

YAY and YAY and YAY!! =)

If I would've written this, this morning it would not have been real pleasant. It was crunch time on a few things and I was wondering how it was going to work out. I was lonely. I was sad. I was on a pity pot.

Went back to my room, cried, said some prayers....Decided to get off my pity pot, wiped the tears off my face, gave God all my problems. It was too much for me... So, I went to the gym..........

How everything can change drastically in an instant is beyond me....... I mean.... Wow.

First things first....... The Y had a health fair going on so I went to it w/ Angel. Got my blood pressure checked 112/70 YAY!! =) Got on their scale and I was 10 lbs lower than I had been over the weekend. Which would put me at almost 50 lbs. I have to double check it on a few pounds and don't think it's possible, but it was right for Angels weight.

Second on the list.......They asked if they could do an article on me for the newspaper there =) I haven't missed a single day in 10 weeks except when they were closed on Easter and I have lost a ton of weight =D I'm so excited!!

Third =D was a text came in and well......It totally got me out of the crunch I was in financially. =D Perfect timing!!!!! God is good.

And yet lastly but not leastly =P .......... well, I'm not sure I want to share that yet. But things are happening. I got a lot of thinking I need to do. A lot. Sometimes things or people come your way and you just can't say no to them.

So..... with that being said and I have to carefully weigh my decision and if anything comes of it I will share, but =)


My day could not get any better. Funny how in an hour my day went from crying to on top of the world.

God moved mountains for me today and I was so humbled over it all, I about boo hooed on my elliptical.

So amazing and I love him.



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