Thursday, April 22, 2010

I am such a NERD

I am so in love with these stinking flowers!!! I wake up every morning and go running to the door like it's Christmas to see if my flowers are any bigger!!

Last night I was working in the yard and I was going over to them and telling them they had better grow and that they were so pretty!

I never learned how to do yardwork. EVER........So, I'm so excited.

I love having my own yard, I love having my own house. I love having to learn to do everything myself and then sit back and see if it worked!!

I actually have a few green buds in my flower beds!!!!!!!!!!!! Not that I checked with a magnifying glass or anything =P

You guys will probably get step by step coverage of my lil buds forming!!

From buds to blooms LOL!!!

My Peonies should be opening any day!! I want a fuschia Azalea bush sooooooooooo bad I can taste it. They already bloomed for this year, so I'll have to find out when to plant them for next year.

Okay, got a busy day, but then again I always have busy days!

Anthony gets his Tux today for prom Saturday YAY!!

Have a fantastic flowery Thursday!! I got to spend yesterday with Baby E and Justus and today Savannah and I get to watch Violet YAY!!!!! Tops off the day!

Flowers YAY!

Thursday YAY!!



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Carie said...

I love my garden so much, every year I find new bushes and such to plant, then there is our veggie garden that is up and running :) I also have a very nice rose garden, there are 20+ bushes this year...looking at a few new ones to add as well lol, there is no better feeling than to play in the dirt and then sit back and watch as your flowers bloom and smile just for you :)