Sunday, April 04, 2010

Happy Easter =)

Got some phone calls and such yesterday about my post yesterday. A lot said they cried and remembered that day so well. =D My mom found the picture. We are working on having it scanned.

Happy Easter. Jesus has risen from the dead =D Glorious indeed!! God's greatest miracle!

Most of you know I walk after the gym. It is the one time in the day where I have nothing to distract me. I walk, am in nature and talk to God.

Yesterday we had a wonderful conversation. Sometimes I wonder if it's my conscience or God. God speaks A LOT slower than my inner voice and he calls me child. My brain actually tries to say the words faster than what God does and God always tells me what I need to hear. Whether or not I want to hear it and whether or not I like it.

Some of you may read that and think, this chick is crazy........But I'm not. It's real. He hears and answers if you don't let things get in the way. It's a wonderful gift.

The first time I really, really heard it, it shocked me. I can't really explain it other than you should listen sometime. I never knew. Then something comes my way to back up what I heard and know it was him.

He made humans, so why wouldn't he create a way to communicate with them? =D

Yesterday as I walked, I had my Ipod off and we talked about me. My faith and how I lack it.

The hardest thing for me is faith. I have such a great struggle with it.

Nature is evident of faith. Trees grow, grass grows, flowers grow...

I got to thinking about things deeper. Thinking about how there is nothing in the earth that is ugly. The only ugly things on this earth are done by humans. Trees are all beautiful, grass is beautiful, birds are beautiful. It's all beautiful. It's all good.

God is everything good.

The favorite are stars. How can anyone look up at the stars at night and not know there's a God?

The world is perfect =)

Sigh, I was hoping so bad Kyle would let Savannah go to church with me this morning. I just texted him and he said he will just drop her off at my house at 11 or 11:30.

I'm crying of course because I wanted so badly to go with her.

Easter isn't about a bunny, it's about Jesus rising from the dead.

I think I'm not going to cry, I think I'm going to not give him a choice and go get her.

****Have to update, he is going to let her go and he is coming with her!! YAY!!!!!! =D

Was that an example of faith there? =D

Have a wonderful day =D

Much Love and enjoy the holiday!!



Melzie said...

Kyle is going to church too??? OMGosh that is wonderful!

God has talked to me Dianna, He talks to Danny. Any Spirit led Christian will know He speaks to His children. If you get to where you can't hear Him anymore you've probably let something (sin) come between you :) Its a special thing that is a spiritual barometer to let you know you're on the right track! Enjoy it and don't worry about what anyone else thinks!

Happy Easter to my favorite PEEP!
xoxo melzie

A Flowered Purse said...

LOL Yes Mel, It was a Christmas Miracle on Easter =D

It was a wonderful service as always and put more joy in my heart.

Wanted one to go and got two for the price of one.

Got to see my aunt, my community group friends, Baby E

The perfect start to a fabulous Sunday!

My day and my heart is complete!!