Saturday, April 03, 2010

My Favorite Easter Memory =D

I have a pic for this memory and my mom is working on finding it =D

As most of you know my oldest son Anthony..... (I was a pregnant teen ager)Well, lets just make a long story short and say at the lovely age of 16 we not only were having a baby, he got a form of cancer. Osteogenic sarcoma a simple enough term for what is an awful, painful bone cancer.

He went through every type of chemo on this planet and some that seemed they weren't from this planet.....he had some really awful surgeries. We spent months upon months in hospitals, me with a stroller walking the hospital corridors, him with an IV pole.

He had an appt. with Dr. Patel the Friday before Easter and I stayed home for that one with the baby. He comes walking in the door with a nervous smile on his face. I looked at his eyes and I knew. He uttered the words, I hear so often in my heart. A bad record being played over and over. Words that never leave my head or my heart.

"This is my last summer you guys"

They said if he was lucky, he would make it six months. I laid on the couch with him, had my head on his chest crying and crying. I kept twiddling his St. Jude necklace, my mother had given to him. He didn't cry. He just held me while I did and said he wanted to do everything before he died.

We were limited on what we could do......but he wanted to do all the important small things. The night before Easter we went and bought Anthony's Easter outfit. Brett picked out this cute, cute plaid suspender outfit, picked out these really cute shoes and socks =D. He said "Baby, can I get him dressed in the morning please......since you will get to dress him for every Easter and this is my last?"

Of course I let him dress him :*)

He got up sooooooo early that morning and took his time carefully dressing Anthony. I just looked over at his lil bald head (Bretts), smiling. So proud.

We were going to breakfast with my whole family. Including my Aunt Dorothy Ann, who was also battling cancer.

After he got Anthony dressed, he wanted to show him off and walk to his parents. He had a total hip and leg replacement done and walking wasn't easy for him..........He scooped Anthony up in his arms got him all situated and walked to his parents. The smile on his face, he was beaming =)

I just sat on the porch crying, watching him walk.

We arrive at Shoney's and all my family is there. It was just such a celebration. Dorothy Ann and her hard time, Brett and his hard time. I don't even know how we all laughed and smiled so much. But we did. The picture is a picture from that breakfast with my family and Brett. I hope my mom can find it.

It was the last time I remember laughing like that in that year. I can't even remember what we were saying. No telling with my family. All my cousins were there, my country cousins =) ......It was so wonderful.

It was the last time that all of us were together.

It was my favorite Easter moment ever.

First Brett went home to be with God and Dorothy Ann soon followed. But we had the best Easter ever before they went. =D

It was perfect.

Enjoy your Saturday!!

If my mom finds the pic, I will share it =)



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