Sunday, April 18, 2010

Happy Sunday =D

This morning started out rocky, but......... I got back on track quickly. Felt like when Daniel was taking apart the Gospel this morning he was talking directly to me.

I had prayed for a definite answer and I was given a very specific, poignant answer. Left no room for ifs ands or buts. =D I am so thankful.

It's okay to mess up!!I totally learned that this morning!! =D It's okay to say the wrong thing, to do the wrong thing. God's grace covers it!! Thank God!

Okay, a quick my life update!

Yesterday was wonderful!!

Evening was wonderful =D

Yesterday afternoon my mom and I watched the best movie. Everybody's Fine. It was a very moving movie. I recommend it.

I am 3.5 months into my 6 months of no dating rule. ACK! ACK! ACK!
It has been totally therapeutic, but getting harder to say no.

My 5 n half lb. weight loss stuck. =D 39 lbs!

Funny, Mike will come over and introduce all his clients to me. I haven't missed a single day in 10 weeks!! Easter they were closed, but I still exercised! I'm quite motivational =)

I want it, I will have it. I can do it. I am looking great and feeling fantastic!! I WILL do it!

I am so happy today. My spirits are super high, my confidence is super high, God gave me a direct answer, I am in love with him and with life!

Could things get any better?

That's my update in a nutshell!! Things could not be any better!!!!

Have a fantastic Sunday.




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